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Home Careers Job Descriptions
Home Careers Job Descriptions
Job Descriptions

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Job Title
Account Clerk
Accountant I
Accountant II
Accountant III
Accountant IV
Administrative Office Manager
Administrative Office Specialist I
Administrative Office Specialist II
Administrative Office Supervisor
Administrative Supervisor I
Administrative Supervisor II
Administrator of Judicial Security
Appellate Court Assistant I
Appellate Court Assistant II
Appellate Court Assistant III
Appellate Law Clerk
Application Security Engineer
Assistant Reporter of Decisions
Attorney Regulation Counsel
Audio Visual Engineer
Audit Manager
Auditor I
Auditor II
Auditor III
Auxiliary Services
ADR Managing Mediator
Bilingual Services Assistant
Budget Analyst I
Budget Analyst II
Budget Manager
Building Engineer
Building Manager
Business Intelligence Analyst
Business Intelligence Developer
Case Manager Useful Public Service
Chief of Staff
Chief Information Officer
Chief Probation Officer I
Chief Probation Officer II
Chief Probation Officer III
Chief Staff Attorney
Child Support Services Coordinator
Classification Specialist
Clerk of the Appellate Court
Clerk of the Court of Appeals
Clerk of the Supreme Court
Clerk of Court I
Clerk of Court II
Clerk of Court III
Clerk of Court IV
Clerk of Court V
Clerk of Court VI
Clerk of Court VII
Clerk of Court VIII
Collections Assistant
Collections Investigator
Conference Event Planner/Coordinator
Contract Collaborative Mgmt Program Coordinator
Correctional Treatment Board Coordinator
Court Appointed Professionals Coordinator
Court Education Specialist
Court Interpreter II
Court Judicial Assistant
Court Operations Specialist
Court Programs Analyst I
Court Programs Analyst II
Court Programs Analyst III
Court Programs Analyst IV
Court Reporter I (uncertified)
Court Reporter I (Real Time)
Court Reporter II (certified)
Court Reporter II (Real Time)
Court Translator- Spanish
Customer Support Supervisor
Customer Support Technician I
Customer Support Technician II
Customer Support Technician III
Deputy Chief Probation Officer
Deputy Chief Staff Attorney
Deputy District Administrator
Director of Court Services
Director of Financial Services
Director of Human Resources
Director of ODR
Director of Probation Services
Distance Learning Program Manager
Distance Learning Specialist
District Administrator I
District Administrator II
District Administrator III
Education Registrar
Education Specialist
Executive Director, COLAP
Executive Staff Assistant
Facilities Designer/Planner
Family Court Facilitator
Financial Analyst I
Financial Analyst II
Financial Analyst III
Financial Services Manager
Grant Management Specialist
Human Resources Analyst I
Human Resources Analyst II
Human Resources Analyst III
Human Resources Analyst IV
Human Resources Assistant
Human Resources Planning and Strategy Analyst
Human Resources Technician
Information Security Analyst
Information Security Manager
Integrated Information Systems Coordinator
Interpreter Scheduler
Interstate Compact Specialist
IT Support Technician I
IT Support Technician II
IT Support Technician III
ITS Analyst I
ITS Analyst II
ITS Analyst III
ITS Analyst IV
ITS Procurement Specialist
Judicial Education Coordinator
Judicial Legal Counsel
Jury Commissioner I
Law Clerk
Law Librarian I
Law Library Assistant
Lead Collections Investigator
Legal Counsel Assistant SCAO
Legal Counsel First Assistant SCAO
Legal Research Attorney
Legislative Liaison
Manager of Application Development
Manager of Technical Services
Managing Court Interpreter
Managing Court Interpreter II
Managing Court Reporter
Managing Court Reporter I (Real Time)
Managing Court Reporter II (Real Time)
Network Engineer I
Network Engineer II
Network Engineer III
Network Security Engineer
Payroll Analyst
Payroll Supervisor
Probation Compact Administrator
Probation Manager
Probation Officer
Probation Services Analyst I
Probation Services Analyst II
Probation Services Analyst III
Probation Services Analyst IV
Probation Supervisor
Problem Solving Court Coordinator I
Problem Solving Court Coordinator II
Product Owner
Program Administrator II ODR
Protective Proceedings Monitor
Public Information Coordinator
Public Information Manager
Purchasing Agent
Purchasing Assistant
Purchasing Manager
QA Lead/ITS Analyst Supervisor
Reporter of Decisions
Respondent Parents CPC
Rules Research Attorney
Scrum Master
Self-Represented Litigant Coordinator
Senior iSeries Systems Engineer
Senior Application Security Engineer
Senior Assistant Legal Counsel
Senior Court Programs Manager
Senior Finance Manager
Senior Human Resources Manager
Senior ITS Manager
Senior Manager of ITS Infrastructure
Senior Network Engineer
Senior Probation Services Manager
Senior Recruitment Specialist
Senior RPG Software Engineer
Senior Software Engineer
Senior Systems Engineer
Software Development Supervisor
Software Engineer I
Software Engineer II
Staff Assistant
Staff Assistant (COA)
Staff Assistant (District)
Staff Assistant (SCAO)
Staff Attorney to the Chief Justice
Staff Attorney Court of Appeals
Staff Attorney Supreme Court
Staff Development Administrator
State Court Administrator
Supervising Law Librarian
Supervisor I
Supervisor II
Support Services
Supreme Court Librarian
Systems Engineer I
Systems Engineer II
Systems Engineer III
Systems Security Engineer
Talent Management Specialist
Technical Support Supervisor
Telecommunications Analyst
Total Compensation Manager
Total Compensation Specialist
Unified Communications Engineer
Veterans Court Peer Mentor Coordinator I
Veterans Court Peer Mentor Coordinator II
Water Referee
Water Specialist
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