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Home Jury FAQs
Home Jury FAQs
Jury FAQs
Questions About the Day of the Trial May I bring children to jury service? What do I do if I lost my questionnaire?
How Was I Chosen for Jury Service? How are jurors assigned to trials? How was I chosen for Jury Service? Why did I receive a jury summons when I don’t live at the address on the summons? Why do I receive jury summonses year after year, when other people don’t?
Postponement/Disqualification Do I have to serve on jury duty if I am a dependent of OR an active duty member serving in the military and do not claim residency in Colorado? If I have a felony conviction, am I eligible to serve on a jury? What if I am a student? What if I am breastfeeding a child? What if I am in the military? What if I am retired? What if I have a disability? What if I have other commitments for the date I’m supposed to appear, how can I obtain a postponement for the jury summons I received?
Employer Related Questions Can I lose my job if I serve as a juror? How do I get proof that I was a juror? What if my employer doesn’t want to pay me for the first three days of service? Who will pay me for serving as a juror?
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