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All deadlines that occur after July 12, 2016, even if the deadlines are in existing cases, should be calculated under the amended Water Court Rules and/or amended Rules of Civil Procedure, unless there is a Water Court order to the contrary.

The Water Right Determination and Administration Act of 1969 created seven water divisions based upon the drainage patterns of various rivers in Colorado. Each water division is staffed with a division engineer appointed by the state engineer, a water judge appointed by the Supreme Court, a water referee appointed by the water judge, and a water clerk assigned by the district court.

Water judges are district judges appointed by the Supreme Court and have jurisdiction in the determination of water rights, the use and administration of water, and all other water matters within the water division.

All water courts operate under a standard case definition approved by the Supreme Court in 1981. This made possible the establishment of water court filings standards, which have been reported annually by water division since July 1, 1981.

Justice Allison Eid is the Liaison to the Water Judges (by designation of the Chief Justice). Justice Eid also chairs the Supreme Court Water Court Committee. The Water Court Committee discusses and proposes changes to the Uniform Local Rules for all State Water Court Divisions. The Supreme Court votes to adopt or reject proposed rule changes. 

For additional information on Colorado's water courts, please review links and information on this page. 

Water Division One Weld County Courthouse
Greeley, CO

Water Division Two

Pueblo County Judicial Building
Pueblo, CO
Water Division Three Alamosa County Courthouse
Alamosa, CO

Water Division Four

Delta County Courthouse
Delta, CO

Gunnison County Courthouse
Gunnison, CO

Montrose County Courthouse
Montrose, CO
Water Division Five Garfield County Courthouse
Glenwood Springs, CO

Water Division Six

Routt County Courthouse
Steamboat Springs, CO
Water Division Seven La Plata County Courthouse
Durango, CO

Designated Ground Water Basins

North High Plains/Camp Creek -
13th Judicial District

Kiowa-Bijou/Lost Creek -
17th Judicial District

Upper Black Squirrel Creek/
Upper Big Sandy - 4th Judicial District

Southern High Plains -
15th Judicial District

Upper Crow Creek -
19th Judicial District



Additional Resources

Rule & Form Information:

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Judicial Appointment Orders:
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Other Resources:
*Citizen's Guide to Colorado Water Law

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*History of the Consultation Process Under the 1969 Act  

*Adversarial Collaboration: Court-Mandated
Collaboration Between Opposing Scientific
Experts in Colorado’s Water Courts

*Article on Colorado’s 1969 Adjudication and Administration Act

*Article on Statutory and Rule Changes to Water Court Practice 


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