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Home Administration Executive Division
Home Administration Executive Division
Executive Division

The Colorado Judicial Branch, with more than 300 judges and 3,600 support staff members, is centrally administered by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. To assist the Chief Justice, the Supreme Court appoints the State Court Administrator. Each of the state's 22 Judicial Districts also has a District Administrator.

The State Court Administrator's Office provides administrative support and services to the trial and appellate courts to assist them in providing the citizens of Colorado meaningful, speedy and economical forums to resolve disputes. The office also supports the management of probation services to enhance public protection and offender rehabilitation.

In executing its constitutional and statutory duties, the office has the following functions:

  • To provide administrative and technical support to the appellate courts, trial courts and probation.
  • To provide centralized policy guidance.
  • To develop and implement standards and guidelines.
  • To serve as an advocate for the entire judicial department in obtaining necessary resources from the legislature.
  • To provide services in an accurate, timely and equitable manner.

Innovative business techniques and new procedures are constantly under evaluation for possible introduction throughout the branch at all levels in order to improve efficiency and to make the courts more accessible to the citizens of Colorado.

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