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Frequently Asked Questions


Questions About the Day of the Trial May I bring children to jury service? What do I do if I lost my questionnaire?
How Was I Chosen for Jury Service? Why did I receive a jury summons when I don’t live at the address on the summons? How was I chosen for Jury Service? Why do I receive jury summonses year after year, when other people don’t? How are jurors assigned to trials?
Postponement/Disqualification What if I have other commitments for the date I’m supposed to appear, how can I obtain a postponement for the jury summons I received? What if I am in the military? What if I am retired? What if I have a disability? If I have a felony conviction, am I eligible to serve on a jury? Do I have to serve on jury duty if I am a dependent of OR an active duty member serving in the military and do not claim residency in Colorado? What if I am a student? What if I am breastfeeding a child?
Employer Related Questions How do I get proof that I was a juror? Who will pay me for serving as a juror? Can I lose my job if I serve as a juror? What if my employer doesn’t want to pay me for the first three days of service?


How can I find out whether an attorney is licensed in Colorado, or whether an attorney has ever been disciplined? How can I file a complaint against an attorney? How can I find out which forms I need if I do not have an attorney?


How can I file a complaint against a judge?


How does someone get on Probation? What is a Pre-sentence Report? What kinds of offenders are on Probation? Are there sex offenders who are on Probation? How do I find out if someone is on Probation? What does the Probation Department do for victims of crime? Is Probation the same as Parole? Is Probation the same as Community Corrections? What is Drug Court? What is Alcohol Probation? What is the AIIM Program? What is “Restorative Justice”? What are the “Terms and Conditions” of Probation? What happens after I have been put on Probation by the Judge? How do I pay supervision fees and other costs I am supposed to pay? What happens if I don’t do what I am supposed to do while on Probation? Can a Probation Officer arrest anyone? Are all adults and juveniles who are on Probation required to be supervised by the Probation Department? Can Probation be transferred to another part of Colorado? Can Probation be transferred to another state? How can I transfer my Probation from another state to Colorado?


How do I apply for a job with the Colorado Judicial Branch? What happens to my application after I apply for a position? What is the difference between "promotional statewide", "promotional within district", "talent pools", etc.? What types of employee benefits are available to me as a Colorado Judicial Branch employee? What set of rules does the Judicial Branch use for employee management? What is the difference between probationary, certified and contract employees? How long are open positions posted on the website? Why is there a salary range for each position and where am I hired at in the range? What are the normal business / work hours?


What document security levels does the system have? Can the courts reject filings? Does the system charge organizations for rejected filings? How do you bill organizations? What payment options are available? Is there a file size limit for e-filed documents? Can organizations e-file into Denver County Court? What cases can attorneys and agencies file into? Does the system support Batch Filing? Do 3rd Party Filers need to sign an agreement with a law firm to use the system? Can an attorney have multiple accounts? (This FAQ applies only to those attorneys who chose to set up multiple accounts tied to the same bar number) What happens to an organization’s court case when an attorney of record leaves the organization?

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