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Home Administration Information Technology Services Public Access Access Guide to Public Records
Home Administration Information Technology Services Public Access Access Guide to Public Records
Access Guide to Public Records

The court system's public records are open for inspection by any person at reasonable times and as provided by Chief Justice Directive (CJD) 05-01 and the Supreme Court Rule on Public Access to Information and Records (P.A.I.R.R.). The official custodian of any public records may make local policies regarding the inspection of records that are reasonably necessary for the protection of records and prevention of unnecessary interference with the regular discharge of the duties of the custodian or the custodian’s office.

The Criminal Justice Records Act (§ 24-72-301 et.seq., C.R.S.) addresses court records in criminal proceedings. Two sections of note in the CJRA are:
- § 24-72-304 C.R.S - the custodian’s authority to make rules and regulations for inspection of records.
- § 24-72-305 C.R.S. - the custodian’s authority to deny inspection if prohibited by law, Colorado Supreme Court rule, existing court order, or if disclosure would be contrary to the public interest. Public Access to Court Records.

Inspection of civil case records is determined by CJD 05-01

The availability of juvenile records is primarily determined by the Children’s Code (§ 19-1-301, et. seq., C.R.S.) and CJD 05-01 

Access to Administrative Records is governed by P.A.I.R.R. 2

Directives issued by the Colorado Supreme Court Chief Justice impact what public access is allowed with respect to information made, maintained, or kept by the courts. This document is designed specifically as a reference tool only. Refer to the Colorado Revised Statute citations included for more specific details.

Additional Information

Chief Justice Directive 05-01:

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Court Record Searches

Questions regarding public access should be directed to:

Public Access Email

State Court Administrator's Office
1300 Broadway
Denver, CO 80203


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