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Committee Name Liaison

Alternate Defense Counsel Justice Boatright
Attorney Regulation Advisory Committee of the Supreme Court Justice Coats and Justice Márquez
Board of Continuing Legal Education Justice Coats and Justice Márquez
Board of Law Examiners Justice Coats and Justice Márquez
Chief Justice Commission on Professional Development Chief Justice Rice
Civil Rules Committee Justice Eid
Colorado Access to Justice Commission Justice Hood
Colorado Attorneys' Fund for Client Protection Justice Coats and Justice Márquez
Commission on Judicial Discipline Chief Justice Rice
Court Improvement Committee Justice Boatright
Judicial Advisory Council Justice Hood
Judicial Ethics Advisory Board Chief Justice Rice
Judicial Training Committee Justice Boatright
Jury System Standing Committee Chief Justice Rice
Learning Center Justice Hobbs
Model Criminal Jury Instructions Committee Justice Coats
Office of Dispute Resolution Advisory Committee Justice Eid
Our Courts Program Chief Justice Rice
Pattern Civil Jury Instructions Committee Chief Justice Rice
Plain English Jury Instruction Committee Justice Boatright
Probation Advisory Committee Justice Boatright
Problem Solving Court Advisory Committee Justice Boatright
Public Access Committee Justice Márquez
Public Guardian Advisory Committee Chief Justice Rice
Rules of Appellate Procedure Committee Justice Eid
Rules of Criminal Procedure Committee Justice Coats
Rules of Evidence Committee Justice Coats
Rules of Professional Conduct Standing Committee Justice Coats and Justice Márquez
Standing Committee on Family Issues Justice Boatright
Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee Justice Coats and Justice Márquez
Water Court Committee Justice Hobbs

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