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Home Courts Supreme Court Committees Board of Law Examiners
Home Courts Supreme Court Committees Board of Law Examiners
Board of Law Examiners

Character & Fitness Committee Members

Brian Zall (Committee Chair)  
David Beller 12/31/24
Doris Gundersen, M.D. 12/31/22
Franz Hardy 12/31/22
Carolyn Love, Ph.D 12/31/21
Linda Midcap 12/31/21
Porya Mansorian 12/31/22
Kimberly Nordstrom 12/31/22
Lorraine Parker (Commitee Vice-Chair)  
Henry Reeve 12/31/19
Corelle Spettigue 12/31/21
Justice Nathan B. Coats (Liaison)  
Justice Monica M. Márquez (Liaison)  


Law Committee Members

Richard Nielson (Board Chairman)  
Jennifer Fortier 12/31/21
John Greer 12/31/21
Laura Maresca (Board Vice-Chair)  
Anna Martinez 12/31/22
Vincent Morscher 12/31/24
Melinda Moses 12/31/23
David Powell Jr. 03/31/19
Honorable Barry Schwartz 12/31/21
Sunita Sharma 12/31/21
Holly Strablizky 12/31/21
Justice William W. Hood (Liaison)  
Justice Monica M. Márquez (Liaison)  
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