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Home Courts Supreme Court Committees Rules of Juvenile Procedure Committee
Home Courts Supreme Court Committees Rules of Juvenile Procedure Committee
Rules of Juvenile Procedure Committee

The Committee's purpose is to periodically review, correct, update, and improve the Colorado Rules of Juvenile Procedure. The Committee is chaired by the Honorable Karen M. Ashby of the Colorado Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court Liaison to the Committee is Justice Richard L. Gabriel. 

Questions can be directed to J.J. Wallace at

 Order Establishing Colorado Rules of Juvenile Procedure Revision Committee

2018 Meeting Schedule (all Fridays):  Feburary 2; April 6; May 4; July 27; September 14; November 2; December 14.  All meetings will be held in the Supreme Court Conference Room (4th floor of the Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial Center).  The meetings are scheduled from 9 AM to 3 PM.  If the meeting will take less time, the agenda will note the anticipated length. 



Date  Meeting Documents
 July 27, 2018

 Agenda & Meeting Materials

 TPR Proposal

 May 4, 2018

 Agenda & Minutes 

 Proposed permanency rule & notice

 April 6, 2018

 Agenda & Minutes

 Proposed Permanency Planning Rule with Notice;  Letter from RPC Re: ineffective assistance of counsel claims

 February 2, 2018

 Agenda & Minutes

 Updated Version of Shorter Discovery/Disclosure Rules:  Proposed CMO & Section IV. of the CMO; Proposed Release

  Proposed Permanency Planning RuleProposed Notice of Permenancy Planning Hearing

 December 8, 2017

 Agenda & Minutes 

  Shorter Version of the Discovery/Disclosure Rule with Proposed CMO and Section IV of proposed CMO;  Longer Version of the Rules; Proposed Release Form

 September 22, 2017

 Agenda & Minutes 

 Discovery Rules Version 2.0;  Proposed Release Form (Related to Discovery Rules V.2.0)

 August 4, 2017 

 Agenda & Minutes

  Adjudication Rules as of June 2017 (rules in green under  review);  Post-Termination Subcommittee Proposal

 May 12, 2017

 Agenda & Minutes 

 Adjudication Subcommittee Proposal (3 rules);  Adjudicaiton Subcommittee Update (1 rule)Post-Termination Subcommittee Proposal

 March 24, 2017

 Agenda & Minutes 

 Updated Adjudication Subcommittee Proposal

 January 20, 2017

 Agenda & Minutes 

 Adjudication Subcommittee Proposal

 November 4, 2016

 Agenda & Minutes

 Discovery Subcommittee Proposal;  Adjudication Subcommittee Proposal

 August 12, 2016 

 Agenda  &  Minutes

 May 6, 2016 

 Agenda & Minutes 

 March 11, 2016 

 Agenda &  Minutes

 November 6, 2015

 Agenda  &  Minutes 

 August 7, 2015 

 Agenda & Minutes

 Juvenile Shackling Letters 

 June 12, 2015

 Agenda  &  Minutes 




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