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Home Courts Supreme Court Committees Colorado Attorneys' Fund for Client Protection
Home Courts Supreme Court Committees Colorado Attorneys' Fund for Client Protection
Colorado Attorneys' Fund for Client Protection

The Colorado Attorneys' Fund for Client Protection was established because the legal profession depends upon the trust of clients. In a very small 
number of cases where attorneys betray that trust and improperly handle client funds or property, it is important that the legal profession's reputation for honesty be maintained and protected by helping injured clients recover their losses.

The Fund was established by the Colorado Supreme Court to reimburse clients who suffer loss of money or other property from the dishonest 
conduct of their attorney. The Fund is a remedy of last resort for clients who cannot be repaid from other sources, such as from insurance or from 
the attorney involved. Claimants are expected to make reasonable efforts to collect from these other sources first.

The Fund is financed by annual assessments of active Colorado attorneys. None of the money in the Fund comes form clients' fees. No tax 
dollars are used. The voluntary nature of the Fund demonstrates the genuine desire of the Colorado legal professional to compensate clients for 
the dishonest actions of a few of its members. The Fund is administered by a board of trustees appointed by the Colorado Supreme Court. 
The Board, which is composed of both attorneys and non-attorneys, serves without compensation as a public service.

Charles Goldberg, Esq., Chair
Katayoun Donnelly, Esq.
Yolanda Fennick, Esq.
Melinda Harper, CPA
Michael Lupton
David Mestas, Esq.
Charles Turner, Esq., Vice Chair

James Coyle, Esq.
Margret Funk, Esq.
Sarah Walsh, Administrator

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