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Home Courts Supreme Court Justices of the Supreme Court
Home Courts Supreme Court Justices of the Supreme Court
Justices of the Supreme Court

The Colorado Supreme Court has seven justices. A chief justice is the chief executive officer of the state judicial branch of the government.

The Supreme Court is the court of last resort, or the final court, in the Colorado court system. An individual who has appealed to the Court of Appeals and is still dissatisfied may ask the Supreme Court to review the case. In most situations, the Supreme Court has a right to refuse to do so. In some instances, individuals can petition to the Supreme Court directly regarding a lower court's decision.

In addition to its legal duties, the Supreme Court has supervisory and administrative responsibilities. The Supreme Court has supervisory power over all other state courts and over all attorneys practicing law in Colorado.

Supreme Court Justices

Top from left: Justice Carlos A. Samour, Jr., Justice Richard L. Gabriel, Justice Melissa Hart, Justice Maria E. Berkenkotter
Bottom from left: Justice Monica M. Márquez, Chief Justice Brian D. Boatright, Justice William W. Hood, III

Chief Justice Brian D. Boatright
Justice Monica M. Márquez
Justice William W. Hood, III
Justice Richard L. Gabriel
Justice Melissa Hart
Justice Carlos A. Samour, Jr.
Justice Maria E. Berkenkotter
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