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Home Courts Supreme Court Committees Pattern Civil Jury Instructions Committee
Home Courts Supreme Court Committees Pattern Civil Jury Instructions Committee
Pattern Civil Jury Instructions Committee

The purpose of the Committee on Pattern Civil Jury Instructions is to periodically review, correct, update, and improve all pattern civil jury instructions. Please send comments or suggestions to

Users may access individual chapters of the current edition of the Pattern Civil Jury Instructions below:

Summary of Contents (Word; PDF)

Full Table of Contents (Word; PDF)

General Directions for Use (Word; PDF)

Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure Relating to Jury Instructions (Word; PDF)

Statutes and Rules of Civil Procedure Governing Qualifications of Jurors (Word; PDF)

Chapter 1. General Instructions Prior to or During Trial and Upon Discharge of Jury (Word; PDF)

Chapter 2. Statement of the Case to Be Determined (Word; PDF)

Chapter 3. Evidence (Word; PDF)

Chapter 4. Jury Deliberations; Verdict Forms (Word; PDF)

Chapter 5. General Instructions Relating to Damages (Word; PDF)

Chapter 6. Damages for Injuries to Persons or Property (Word; PDF)

Chapter 7. Legal Relationships (Word; PDF)

Chapter 8. Liability Based on Agency and Respondeat Superior (Word; PDF)

Chapter 9. Negligence — General Concepts (Word; PDF)

Chapter 10. Wrongful Death (Word; PDF)

Chapter 11. Motor Vehicles and Highway Traffic (Word; PDF)

Chapter 12. Premises Liability (Word; PDF)

Chapter 13. Animals (Word; PDF)

Chapter 14. Product Liability (Word; PDF)

Chapter 15. Professional Liability (Word; PDF)

Chapter 16. Bailors and Bailees (Word; PDF)

Chapter 17. Malicious Prosecution and Abuse of Process (Word; PDF)

Chapter 18. Trespass to Land (Word; PDF)

Chapter 19. Deceit Based on Fraud (Word; PDF)

Chapter 20. Assault and Battery (Word; PDF)

Chapter 21. False Imprisonment or Arrest (Word; PDF)

Chapter 22. Defamation (Libel and Slander) (Word; PDF)

Chapter 23. Extreme and Outrageous Conduct — Emotional Distress (Word; PDF)

Chapter 24. Intentional Interference With Contractual Obligations (Word; PDF)

Chapter 25. Bad Faith Breach of Insurance Contract (Word; PDF)

Chapter 26. Breach of Fiduciary Duty (Word; PDF)

Chapter 27. Civil Conspiracy (Word; PDF)

Chapter 28. Invasion of Privacy (Word; PDF)

Chapter 29. The Colorado Consumer Protection Act (Word; PDF)

Chapter 30. Contracts (Word; PDF)

Chapter 31. Wrongful Discharge (Word; PDF)

Chapter 32. Reserved for Future Use

Chapter 33. Reserved for Future Use

Chapter 34. Wills (Word; PDF)

Chapter 35. Mental Health — Proceedings for Short-Term Treatment or Long-Term Care and Treatment of the Mentally Ill Under C.R.S. Title 27, Article 65 (Word; PDF)

Chapter 36. Eminent Domain (Word; PDF)

Chapter 37. Reserved for Future Use

Chapter 38. Reserved for Future Use

Chapter 39. Reserved for Future Use

Chapter 40. Children’s Code — Juvenile Delinquency (Word; PDF)

Chapter 41. Children’s Code — Dependency and Neglect (Word; PDF)


Members of the Committee


Marsha M. Piccone


Honorable Carol Glowinsky (Ret.)


Kendra Beckwith

L. Michael Brooks, Jr.

Honorable Stephanie Dunn

Mary Ewing

Sean Gallagher

Honorable Thomas K. Kane

Honorable Elizabeth Leith

Bradley A. Levin

Andrew Low

Charles E. Norton

Deirdre Ostrowski

Thomas L. Roberts

Ron Sandgrund

Michael Santo

Timothy Peter Schimberg

Jack Sperber

Russell Stewart

Honorable Brett Woods

David Yun

Steve Zansberg                 


Sally Kennedy                         


Krista Schelhaas


Revised 4/26/18

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