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Home Courts Supreme Court Committees Court Improvement Committee
Court Improvement Committee

The Court Improvement Program (CIP) was created as a result of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993 (also known as the Family Preservation and Support Act ). The Act required an original assessment on how Colorado handles its cases involving children, in particular dependency and neglect cases. Numerous recommendations were made as to how to improve the cases, and the Court Improvement Program was created to oversee the implementation of these recommendations.

The CIP is primarily concerned with improving the way the individual courts in Colorado handle dependency and neglect cases in order to improve the safety, permanency and well-being outcome for the children and families the court serves. The federal government awards close to $500,000 to help Colorado achieve its goals and improving outcomes. Through the efforts of judicial officers, court staff, and other child welfare stakeholders involved with the process, Colorado continues to innovate when it comes to working with these very sensitive cases.


Best Practice Court Teams

2015 Colorado Convening Children, Youth, and Family
Best Practice Court Team Description
CQI Designated Court Teams 
District Plans for Handling Dependency & Neglect Cases
Best Practice Court Team Goals 2015
Best Practice Court Team Goals 2014
Best Practice Court Team 2008 and 2009 Goals

CIP Grant Documents

Chief Justice Order Authorizing CIP and Committee Charge
Current Program Instruction
Current Grant Self Assessment Report (2012)

CIP Executive and Subcommittee Meeting Dates

January 23, 2015 Meeting     Agenda    Minutes from October 24, 2014 Meeting

August 28, 2015

Executive Committee Meeting   8:30 a.m.- noon     

CIP Committee  Meeting           noon - 4:30 p.m.     


October 23, 2015

Executive Committee Meeting   8:30 a.m. -  noon    

CIP Committee Meeting            noon-4:30 p.m.       


2016 CIP Executive and Committee Meeting Dates

Friday January 22, 2016

Friday May 20, 2016

Friday August 26, 2016

Friday October 28, 2016

Education, Training and Evaluation

CIP Training Link
2015 CoDNJI Agenda and Materials 
2008 Summit on Children Youth and Families: Best Practice Court and Role Specific Training Evaluation
Recommendations and Suggested Models for Colorado's CIP Training Evaluation System


Child Abuse and Neglect Cases - A Reassessment
Colorado's 1996 Court Improvement Program Final Assessment Report
Colorado's 2002 Court Improvement Program Final Assessment Report
Colorado Courts' Recommendations for Family Cases prepared by the Court Improvement Committee
Out of Home Placement Deviation Report      Addendum PDF
Chief Justice Mandate - Notice of all Court Proceedings (256K pdf)
2006 Pew Plan Update, National Judicial Leadership Summit One Year Later (5MB doc)
CFSR Statewide Assessment Instrument
CFSR Regional Map and Judicial Districts
2008 Assessment of The Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children in Colorado Courts
Federal Clarification - Age-Appropriate Consultation with the Child (77k pdf)
Respondent Parents' Counsel Task Force

Handbooks and Resources

Handbook for Families in Dependency & Neglect Cases    PDF Spanish
Handbook for Colorado children who are not living at home
          Ages 3-6         PDF English          PDF Spanish
          Ages 7-12       PDF English          PDF Spanish
          Ages 13-18     PDF English          Word

Adams Advisement Relative Affidavit
Adams Relative Affidavit Family Tree
El Paso Advisement Relative Affidavit Advisement Part 1 Court Form
El Paso Affidavit Part 2
Jeffco Procedure for Relative Affidavit
Jeffco Relative Affidavit Final
Mesa County Resource Affidavit
Mesa County Logic Model
Mesa County Resource Affidavit Court Procedure
Advisement Statute
JDF 559 Relative Affidavit Advisement
Denver RAFF
Confirmation of Foster Care Dependency Form
Best Business Practice Confirmation of Foster Care Dependency

Site Visits

International Site Visit Story


For questions about the CIP, please contact Alison young at


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