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Home Courts Supreme Court Committees Public Access Committee
Home Courts Supreme Court Committees Public Access Committee
Public Access Committee

The Public Access Committee was established by Chief Justice Directive 05-01 to develop policy regarding public access to Judicial Branch information. The Committee is authorized to implement policy and advise the State Court Administrator regarding the interpretation of the policy. This Committee determines what data will be released in accordance with standing statutes and rules, and develops policies and procedures as necessary to facilitate the release of and provide for the accuracy of information from the electronic database. The policies balance access to records with the need to protect the privacy interests of persons about whom information is maintained.


Members of the Public Access Committee

Judge Jerry Jones
Colorado Court of Appeals

Committee Liaison
Justice William Hood, III
Colorado Supreme Court

Committee Staff
Kristina Trudeau
Colorado Court of Appeals

Voting Members    
Jerry N. Jones   Colorado Court of Appeals
Michael Martinez, Chief Judge   2nd Judicial District
Mark D. Thompson, District Judge   5th Judicial District
Kathy Delgado, District Judge   17th Judicial District
Don J. Toussaint,  District Judge   18th Judicial District 
Marci Hoffman, Court Executive   19th Judicial District
Polly Brock, Clerk of Court and Court Executive   Colorado Court of Appeals
Jason Bergbower, Manager of Data Analytics   State Court Administrator's Office
Rob McCallum, Public Information Officer   State Court Administrator's Office
Darren Cantor, Alternate Defense Counsel   Office of Alternate Defense Counsel
April McMurrey, Deputy Regulation Counsel   Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel
Kent Wagner, Executive Director   Office of Judicial Performance Evaulation
Chris Henderson, Executive Director   Office of the Child's Representative
Ryann Peyton, Executive Director   Colorado Attorney Mentoring Program
Sarah Meyers, Executive Director   Colorado Lawyer Assitance Program
Melissa Thompson, Executive Director   Office of Respondent Parents' Counsel
James O'Connor, Colorado State Public Defender   Office of the Public Defender
Timothy Lane, Legislative Liason and Policy Analyst   Colorado District Attorneys' Council
Peggy Gentles, Court Executive I   14th Judicial District
Anne Deyell-Lawrence, Clerk of Court I   Delores County 22nd Judicial District
Advisory Members (non-voting)    
William W. Hood, III, Supreme Court Justice    Colorado Supreme Court
Terri Morrison, Legal Counsel   State Court Administrator's Office
Steven Vasconcellos, State Court Administrator   State Court Administrator's Office
Sherri Hufford, Probation Services Analyst IV   State Court Administrator’s Office
Jeremy Ford, Court Programs Analyst II   State Court Administrator's Office
Kristina Trudeau, Appellate Court Assistant I   Colorado Court of Appeals

Please see the Public Access Advisory Committee page for more information.

Meeting Information

The Public Access Committee (PAC) will meet quarterly at the State Court Administrator’s Office located at 1300 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203.


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