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Home Courts Supreme Court Committees Rules of Criminal Procedure Committee
Rules of Criminal Procedure Committee

There are fourteen members of the Criminal Rules Committee. The membership is comprised of District and County Court judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys. The committee of the whole meets approximately four times per year. There are a variety of subcommittees that meet to discuss changes to a particular rule or to discuss changes around a specific topic.

The Committee makes suggestions to the Supreme Court for changes to the Colorado Rules of Criminal Procedure. These rules govern the procedure in all criminal proceedings in all courts of record in Colorado. They are not applicable to municipal ordinances and charter violations. The Rules of Criminal Procedure are intended to “provide for the just determination of criminal proceedings. They shall be construed to secure simplicity in procedure, fairness in administration, and the elimination of unjustifiable expense and delay.” Rule 2, Colorado Rules of Criminal Procedure.

The Committee is currently chaired by Judge John Dailey of the Colorado Court of Appeals.

Meeting Information


Meeting Documents

October 16, 2020


SB 20-088

SB 20-100

Crim. P. 24(d) memo

Criminal Rules Interim Report

July 17, 2020 CANCELLED
April 17, 2020 CANCELLED 
January 17, 2020



Access to Criminal Court Records in Criminal Cases draft


October 18, 2019


Cardman v. People

Phillips v. People

Crim P. 41 marked

Crim. P. 44 marked and clean

Emails on Proposed Revisions to Crim. P. 44(e)

Email on Proposed Revisions to Crim. P. 41

Access to Criminal Court Records in Criminal Cases draft with discussion items


July 19, 2019


Subcommittee Report on Unbundled Legal Services/Limited Appearances

Rule 44(e) update

Draft (for discussion only) of possible new rule Access to Court Records in Criminal Cases


April 19, 2019


Crim. P. 44(e)

Crim. P. 55(e) draft clean

Crim. P. 55(e) draft marked 


March 15, 2019


Memo to Criminal Rules Committee from Chief Justice Coats

Holmes order

Court Rules from Mr. Zansberg

Brief in support of motion for extension of the order sealing...

3.13.19 Letter from Mr. Zansberg


January 18, 2019


Crim. P. 32 Subcommittee Report

Judge Espinosa's Email to the Committee 

CRCP 80/380 proposed changes 

55(e) subcommittee memo

Crim. P. 55 6.12.17

Crim. P. 55(e) draft


October 19, 2018


Crim. P. 49.5 Transmittal Letter

Crim P. 5 and 7 Transmittal Letter

Crim. P. 15 Transmittal Letter

Crim. P. 24(g) Transmittal Letter

Crim. P. 24(g) As sent to the court

Crim. P. 24(g) As adopted by the court

C.R.C.P. 80/380 memo

CRCP 80 and CRCP 380 Drafts

Crim. P. 11

H.B. 18-1078

Crim. P. 5


July 20, 2018


Crim. P. 15 Draft 

Crim. P. 49.5 Draft

CRCP 80 and CRCP 380 Drafts

Amendment: Bills 

Crim. Rules Enactment R. 5 1973

Crim. Rules Enactment R. 7 1973

Crim. P. 5 1988

Crim. P. 7 1988


April 20, 2018 


Crim. P. 15 -- memo & draft 

SB 18-223

Updated Report Re Proposed Changes to Crim. P. 5 and 7


This meting has been cancelled.

January 19, 2018


October 20, 2017


Crim. P. 35(c) 
Crim. P. 35(c) -- Revised (10.20.17) 

Crim. P. 15 

Crim. P. 55


July 21, 2017


Crim. P. 15 & 55 -- Subcommittee updates 

Crim. P. 41 -- Subcommittee memo 

Crim. P. 5 & 7 -- Subcommittee memo 


April 21, 2017


Crim. P. 4 and 9—Amendments to warrants or summons procedures

Crim. P. 16—E-Discovery Steering Committee’s edits to the Criminal Rules Committee’s Proposal  

Crim. P. 55(e)—Court reporter issue 

Court reporter issue -- update (04-03-17)

Form 4 Subcommittee memo 


January 20, 2017 


Proposed new criminal rule 

Crim. P. 41 

E-Filing Privacy Concerns 

Question re Form 4 

Transmittal Letter re Crim. P. 35 & From 4 -- March 8 2001 


October 21, 2016


Rule 32(d): People v. Sosa, 2016COA93 Subcommittee Report 

Rule 41 Electronic Media Suggestion 

Rule 49.5 Colorado Courts E-Filing 

Memo re proposed changes to Rules 4 and 9 

Rule 15 Memo 


July 15, 2016 


HB 1104 [SB13-250 and HB 09-1262] 

HB 1027 

Crim. P. 32(d):  People v. Sosa, 2016COA93    

Memo re section 16-5-206, C.R.S. 


April 15, 2016 


HB 16-1104 [SB 13-250 & HB 09-1262]

HB 16-1027


January 15, 2016 


Rule 16 amendment 


October 16, 2015


Discovery Sharing Memo 

Statutes referenced in SB 14 190


July 17, 2015 


Discovery Sharing Memo 

SB 14 190


April 17, 2015 


Crim. P. 32 PSIR Subcommittee amendment  

Crim. P. 32 FTP Subcommittee proposed amendment

Crim. P. 32 PSIR & FTP amendments  


January 16, 2015


Crim. P. 32(g)

Crim. P. 44(a)


October 17, 2014

E-Discovery Sharing System Subcommittee email
Crim. P. 32(a)(2) PSIR Timing SB 13-229


July 18, 2014

Copy of Record Retention Manual UNDER REVISION
1.16 A Rules of Professional Conduct
Federal Rule and Policy on Criminal Case Redaction
Report of the Subcommittee on Criminal E-Filing
Version 1 Accepted Changes P.49.5
Version 1 Draft P.49.5
Version 2 Accepted Changes P.49.5
Version 2 Draft P.49.5


April 18, 2014 Minutes
Report of the subcommittee on Criminal E-Filing
Edits for Criminal E-Filing Rule
32a Presentence Report - Alternative #4
January 17, 2014 Minutes
Proposed Ammendments to Colorado Rules of Criminal Procedure
Rules and Procedures for E-Filing in Criminal Cases
Crim. P. 32(a)(2) regarding PSIR timing, and suggested revamp of 32(a)
October 18, 2013 Minutes
Proposed Draft Rule
Procedural Bar Subcommittee Report
Minority Report 35C
July 19, 2013 Minutes
HB131210 and Rule 5(c)(2)
C.R. Crim. P. 17(e)
Draft of Changes Crim. P. 24(g)
Draft of Changes Crim. P. 24(g) (with avh sugggestion)
Rule Change 2013(05) - Rules 17 and 24
April 19, 2013

Failure to Pay and Collections Action Request
Rule 24(e)
Submission Policy for Committee Rule Changes

January 18, 2013 Minutes
October 19, 2012 Minutes
July 20, 2012 Minutes
April 20, 2012 Minutes
January 20, 2012 Minutes
October 21, 2011 Minutes
July 22, 2011 Minutes

Members of the Committee

Hon. John Dailey, Chair Colorado Court of Appeals
Sheryl Berry, Esq. Jefferson County District Attorney's Office
Hon. Shelley Gilman 2nd Judicial District Court
Hon. Deborah J. Grohs 4th Judicial District Court
Hon. Morris Hoffman 2nd Judicial District Court
Matt Holman, Esq. Appellate Division, Attorney General's Office
Abraham V. Hutt, Esq. The Law Firm of Abe Hutt, PC
Hon. Chelsea Malone Denver County Court
Kevin McGreevy, Esq. Ridley, McGreevy & Winocur, PC
Hon. Dana Nichols 19th Judicial District
Robert Russel, Esq.   Denver District Attorney's Office 
Karen Taylor, Esq. Appellate Division, Colorado State Public Defender
Sheryl Uhlmann, Esq.  Colorado State Public Defender
David Vandenberg, Esq. Larimer County Deputy District Attorney


Historic Committee Documents
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