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Home Courts Supreme Court Committees Standing Committee on Family Issues
Home Courts Supreme Court Committees Standing Committee on Family Issues
Standing Committee on Family Issues

In October of 2002, Chief Justice Mullarkey established the Standing Committee on Family Issues pursuant to a recommendation by the Commission on Families in the Colorado Courts (see below). The initial charge of this standing committee was to implement the recommendations of the Commission on Families and to monitor and continue to improve the ways in which Colorado courts serve families. Justice Melissa Hart is the Supreme Court liaison to the Standing Committee on Family Issues.  The Committee is chaired by Judge Randall Arp.

The Standing Committee on Family Issues meets quarterly in January, April, July, and October. If you would like to submit a topic for the committee to consider adding to their agenda for any upcoming meetings, please e-mail Alexis Fredrickson at

Committee Roster (Updated August 2022)

Judicial Officers Attorneys
Justice Melissa Hart, Supreme Court Liaison Julie Kunce Field, 8th District Court Judge (Ret.), The Consilium Institute
Judge Randall Arp, Chair, 1st JD Cynthia Ciancio, Ciancio Ciancio Brown, P.C.
Judge Jill Brady, 4th JD  Amy Goscha, Kalamaya Goscha
Judge Catherine J. Cheroutes, 5th JD  David Littman, Littman Family Law
Magistrate Monica Haenselman, 20th JD  Katherine Lum, Lass Moses Ramp & Cooper
Judge Craig Welling, Colorado Court of Appeals Rebekah Pfahler, Colorado Legal Services
Magistrate Beth Elliott-Dumler, 18th JD  
Magistrate Karen Hubler, 2nd JD  
Magistrate Michelle Crozier Haynes, 2nd JD Others 
  Alexis Fredrickson, Family Unit Programs Coordinator, SCAO
(Staffs Standing Committee on Family Issues)
Mental Health  Professor Rebecca Aviel - DU Sturm College of Law 
Armand Lebovits Joel Borgman, Child Support Coordinator, SCAO 
Dr. Kathleen McNamara, PhD Brittany Hildebrandt, Self-Represented Litigant Coordinator, 7th JD 
  Nicolle Rugh, Family Court Facilitator, 4th JD 
  Sharon Sturges, Office of Dispute Resolution, SCAO 
  Penny Wagner, Coordinator of Self-Represented Litigant Coordinators, SCAO
  Traci Worthan, Deputy Court Executive, 1st JD 
  Chris Henderson, Director of Office of the Child's Representative 
  Jaime Watman, Coordinator of Child and Family Investigators and
Parental Responsibilities Evaluators, SCAO 


If you have questions about the SCFI, please contact Alexis Fredrickson at

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