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Home E-Filing Account Security
E-Filing Account Security
Enhanced Security Effective February 20, 2016

The Colorado Judicial Branch is committed to safeguarding the Colorado Courts E-Filing system, your user accounts, and the court records available through it.  We must maintain the highest security standards in a time of ever-evolving online threats.  To meet these standards, the Judicial Branch undergoes rigorous security audits that probe our online systems for vulnerabilities.  In response to our most recent security audit, we made important changes to strengthen account security effective February 20, 2016.  These changes include a new inactive account policy and 90-day password expirations.  See the information below for more details.

These new security protections may be inconvenient, but we believe that the protection these changes provide outweighs the added inconvenience.  Your account is tied to certain court records that are not public.  If your account is compromised, sensitive case information is also compromised, which could be damaging to any case party involved.  Securing your accounts and protecting court records is a shared responsibility between all account holders and the Judicial Branch.  These new security enhancements will help each of us meet this shared responsibility. 

Inactive Account Policy

If you are not using your account, it is less likely that you will notice if someone else is.  We encourage you to log in and use your E-Filing account regularly.  Customers who do not use their accounts for 90 days will be considered inactive, and the system will automatically disable inactive accounts.  To keep your account active:

  • log in to the system at least once every 90 days; or

  • if you are an attorney, make sure that staff authorize a filing under your name at least once every 90 days.

We will send you and your local administrators several e-mail reminders before disabling accounts.  Inactive accounts can be re-activated by contacting your local administrator or E-Filing Customer Support. 


Passwords Will Expire Every 90 Days

It’s important to keep your password private and change it periodically. After February 20th, you must change your password every 90 days, as recommended by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

How We Help You Manage These Changes 

  • Learn When Your Password Expires

    We’ve added your current password expiration date to your account profile page.  Log in, click My Account, and select My Profile.

  • Password Re-Set Reminder

    When your password expiration date nears, the system will remind you on login that your password is about to expire and give a link to set a new one.   

    Simplified Forgot Password Steps

  • We’ve simplifying the Forgot Password process so that you no longer have to enter a temporary password to set a new password.       

    Relaxed Number of Passwords Re-used

  • You currently cannot re-use your last 12 passwords; this has be reduced to the last six.



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