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Home Administration Information Technology Services Efiling for Non-Attorneys
Home Administration Information Technology Services Efiling for Non-Attorneys
Efiling for Non-Attorneys


To create an account or submit your completed forms online:

Before You Get Started take a few minutes to watch this short videos:

     How to use the system for Pro Se Litigants ~This includes all the videos and will take you about 5 minutes to watch and can save you time and money in filing your documents correctly.~
Preventing Common Mistakes  includes Case Caption, Service, Signatures and Scanning information. Errors in these 4 sections can cause your filing to be rejected.  

Information for filing in other counties can be found here:


1. Create an E-Filing Account (CCE) 


2. Know the Fees 

  • No fee waivers for electronic filings.
    • File by paper at the courthouse to request a fee waiver. 
  1. One time Opt-in Fee - $12 non-refundable
    • for a Colorado Courts E-filing (CCE) account.
  2. Filing Fee - $106 to $230
    • Varies based on what you are filing. 
    • CCE will show you what the fees will be.   
  3. Per Submission Fee - $12 non-refundable
    • Charged each time you file.
    • Submission can include multiple documents.
  4. Service fees - Vary.


3. Representing Yourself 


4. Know the Process Process Icon


5. Fill out Forms Form icon


Process Questions? Question mark icon

  • For example:
    • Which form?
    • What happens next?


  • You can only e-file in the 8 counties listed below.
  • Weekdays   |   7:30 AM - 4:30 PM
    • Arapahoe
      All e-filings must go to this address:
      7325 S. Potomac, Centennial, CO 80112

      303-645-6600 x 2
      Douglas  720-437-6200
      El Paso 719-452-5000

      All e-filings must go to this address:
      201 LaPorte Ave, Ste 100, Ft Collins, CO 80521  



System and Technical Computer Questions?          

Special Announcements

Only available for new and existing family court cases.


***Only Available in these counties:

  • Arapahoe - 7325 S. Potomac, Centennial, CO  80112
  • Douglas
  • El Paso
  • Grand 
  • Larimer - 201 LaPorte Ave, Ste 100, Ft Collins, CO  80521 
  • Moffat
  • Routt
  • Teller

More counties coming soon.

Pro se users must first register for a Colorado Courts E-Filing User ID and may only e-file and
e-serve where and when the system is available. Pro se users may only e-file or e-serve in their
own cases. Organization Users may e-serve case documents on registered pro se users. Pro se
users can view documents e-served on them in their own cases. Pro se users must be a party
to the case in which they file. If they are not, the court will reject the filing. E-filing and eservice fees are non-refundable.


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