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Home Administration Information Technology Services Application Development Services On The Board Report
On The Board Report

The On the Board report is a statewide listing of professional sureties and insurance companies that have outstanding bond judgments. A bond judgment is entered if a defendant fails to appear for the court date. When the defendant fails to appear the professional surety is responsible to pay the bond amount. Once the professional surety fails to pay the bond amount, a judgment is ordered by the court to be entered against the professional surety. When the judgment is not paid the professional surety is put on the board. Once on the board the professional surety can no longer post bonds in the state of Colorado. After the professional surety fails to pay the judgment the insurance company becomes liable for the bond judgment. If the insurance company fails to pay this judgment the insurance company is put on the board also. Once the insurance company is on the board they can no longer write bonds in the state of Colorado.

This report includes the following information:

  • Professional surety name or insurance company
  • Court location
  • The case number with the existing bond judgment

Once the bond judgment is satisfied the professional surety and/or insurance company status is removed from on the board. When this status has been updated the professional surety/insurance company will be able to post bonds.

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As of July 27, 2021 at 11:31 AM

aguilar, john S
RBA271332 3 cases Show Cases
ameen, marva F
47664 1 case Show Cases
andrews, demetrius N
403494 1 case Show Cases
balderrama, fidel
450903 1 case Show Cases
bellion bonetti, patricia J
RBA308042 1 case Show Cases
boykin, freddy L
403460 1 case Show Cases
boykin, glenda L
526373 1 case Show Cases
bradley, kevin A
406416 1 case Show Cases
brown, joneika L
RBA96345 1 case Show Cases
brown, tiasheca
403726 1 case Show Cases
celestino, samantha M
403661 1 case Show Cases
cook, james G
403534 2 cases Show Cases
dewitt, cherilyn W
RBA289138 1 case Show Cases
duran, jessica R
533582 2 cases Show Cases
ellenburg, william A
418798 2 cases Show Cases
espinosa, emdardo C
RBA94480 1 case Show Cases
evans, thomas B
516372 1 case Show Cases
fine, justin B
306902 3 cases Show Cases
flores, jose G
RBA98050 1 case Show Cases
foote, eugene B
469121 1 case Show Cases
franklin, kelly
585259 2 cases Show Cases
frisco, david G
RBA60212 4 cases Show Cases
gallegos, francisco A
406412 1 case Show Cases
galvadon, carlos C
403689 1 case Show Cases
garza, mary ann
RBA83913 1 case Show Cases
garza, serafina
RBA83309 3 cases Show Cases
gutierrez, laura A
RBA300786 1 case Show Cases
halverson, shane R
420001 3 cases Show Cases
hancock, sabrina M
458822 1 case Show Cases
harris, eulonda Y
403449 2 cases Show Cases
hawkins, rod R
76650 1 case Show Cases
hughey, paul E
RBA139196 1 case Show Cases
jamison, timothy E
RBA195387 1 case Show Cases
johns, eric G
RBA196655 1 case Show Cases
jones, roy
329763 1 case Show Cases
kaiser, stanley
RBA180610 1 case Show Cases
keeling, arielle B
403648 4 cases Show Cases
larson, lena A
403566 1 case Show Cases
laski, coral M
403706 1 case Show Cases
lattany, dejane R
403666 1 case Show Cases
marlett, georgia L
403695 1 case Show Cases
martin, christina R
551401 2 cases Show Cases
martinez, melissia R
403650 1 case Show Cases
mcclenahan, monte E
406414 1 case Show Cases
mclaughlin, jeffery S
RBA310435 1 case Show Cases
meyer, james J
580107 2 cases Show Cases
montoya, rosalie
403442 2 cases Show Cases
moreno, renee
RBA292011 1 case Show Cases
mucino, yvonne
RBA102516 1 case Show Cases
naibauer, arnold L
34813 2 cases Show Cases
nilsen, david T
RBA112404 1 case Show Cases
ordonez, paul G
RBA108445 1 case Show Cases
pollack, christopher A
RBA60381 1 case Show Cases
potter, john E
81965 1 case Show Cases
ramos, christopher A
403585 1 case Show Cases
reynolds, neil
513851 1 case Show Cases
roberts, william R
566108 2 cases Show Cases
silburn, robert P
47698 1 case Show Cases
tiller, yvonne
471304 2 cases Show Cases
turner, michael W
403692 1 case Show Cases
valdez, florence
403425 3 cases Show Cases

Insurance Report

amwest surety insurance co

Court Location County Case Number On the Board Date Judgment ID
16 Denver District D16 2000CR4199 08/25/2006 1
30 Jefferson County D30 2001CR90 01/26/2002 1
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far west insurance company

Court Location County Case Number On the Board Date Judgment ID
36 Las Animas County C36 2000T 73 01/31/2002 2
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