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Home Courts Court of Appeals Case Announcements
Court of Appeals Case Announcements
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April 11, 2024

P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S

22CA0667 People v. Stephanie Martinez

22CA0843 & 22CA0879 Eric Coomer, Ph.D. v. Donald J. Trump for President

23CA1605 Town of Kiowa v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office

U N P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S

21CA1363 People v. Michael S. Harrison

21CA1740 People v. Demarcus Dlaurence Jones-Brown

21CA1809 People v. Shera Marie Carter

21CA1857 People v. Justin Matthew Bergey

22CA0414 People v. Stanley Paul Jurgevich

22CA0840 People v. Gregory Banks

22CA0874 People v. Nathan Daniel Knuth

22CA1474 Beauvallon Condominium Association v. Gabriel N. Schwartz

22CA1617 People v. Maryssa Rose Sotelo

22CA1975 People v. Adrian Perez-Pasillas

22CA1999 People v. Robert Thomas Orton

22CA2153 People v. Jason Matthew Driscoll

22CA2225 People v. Jesus Helaman Renteria-Rodriguez

22CA2284 People v. Andrew Mark Lamar

23CA0028 People v. Juan Luis Ornelas

23CA0087 People v. Jeremie Portillo-Sanchez

23CA0380 William Muhr v. Springer and Steinberg, P.C.

23CA0462 People v. Osman Omar Osman

23CA0598 Mark Halper v. Weigel West 2000 LLC

23CA0788 People In Interest of A.H.H.

23CA0836 Estate of Richard Leslie Stieg

23CA0877 Che Cazzo, LLC v. Riverwalk at Edwards Property Owners

23CA0904 People In Interest of S.P. and E.A., Children

23CA0929 Pico LLC v. Jefferson County Board of Equalization

23CA0999 People v. Dejuan L. VanDyke

23CA1063 Estate of Fred Octavian Gonzales, Jr.

23CA1582 Jabari J. Johnson v. Stephanie Dalton

23CA1640 Jabari J. Johnson v. Moses Stancil

23CA1659 Jabari J. Johnson v. Stephanie Dalton

23CA1660 Jabari J. Johnson v. Bill Elder

23CA1661 Jabari J. Johnson v. Vickie Nira

23CA1693 People In Interest of P.P., a Child

23CA1952 Jabari J. Johnson v. Sergeant Mott

23CA1953 Jabari J. Johnson v. Stephanie Dalton

23CA2039 People v. Christopher Joseph Veit

23CA2175 Jabari J. Johnson v. Warden Sandavol

23CA2186 Robert Kyle Rein v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office

23CA2223 People v. Travis Ryan Chesnut

24CA0059 Jabari J. Johnson v. Kathleen Boyd

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