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Home Courts Court of Appeals Case Announcements
Court of Appeals Case Announcements
Future Case Announcements

January 17, 2019

This is a preliminary list subject to change at the discretion of the court.

U N P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S

15CA0811 People v. Thomas Phil Merchant

15CA1529 People v. Jesus Barrientos-Hernan

16CA1252 People v. Teresa Marie Dean

16CA1312 People v. Ryan Aaron Padilla

16CA1326 People v. Rider Jordan Leppin

16CA1404 People v. Melissa Knomese Hollaway

16CA1410 People v. Jason Thomas Lujan

16CA1580 People v. Ricardo Lucero

16CA1697 People v. Pedro Davalos

16CA2060 People v. Brett Candelaria

17CA0109 People v. Bryan Roberson

17CA0472 People In the Interest of M.M-S.

17CA0492 & 17CA0584 People In Interest of T.V., a Child

17CA0783 People v. William James Goble

17CA1039 People v. Rigoberto E. Fernandez

17CA1203 People v. Nicholas A. McKinney

17CA1556 People In Interest of M.E.G., Child

17CA1758 People v. George Lo

17CA1804 People In Interest of J.G., T.J.G. and G.O.G., Children

17CA1805 People In Interest of K.T.G., a Child

17CA1813 Arthur C. Emison v. Old Hand Creations

17CA1853 Marriage of Balegian

17CA2005 Marriage of Mayo

17CA2268 Marriage of Kreh

17CA2309 People v. John D. Wise

17CA2314 People v. Chester Lee Reneau

17CA2408 Gaston Rives v. Ivan Rios

18CA0195 People v. Christopher Michael Krause

18CA0339 DreamHome Restoration v. Mary Kay Carlson

18CA0419 Charles J. McMillian v. Colorado Department of Corrections

18CA0452 People In Interest of D.J.R., a Child

18CA0496 People In Interest of M.J., A.J., R.J., and V.J., Children

18CA0551 People In Interest of X.P.G, A.N.G.G., A.L.M.G., A.L.G. and A.G.P., Children

18CA0591 People In Interest of S.W., a Child

18CA0644 Glenn Raleigh v. Biodentist P.C.

18CA0648 People In Interest of L.B-A., P.B-A., and J.B-A., Children

18CA0713 People v. Edward Allen

18CA0817 People In Interest of C.H.G., Jr., a Child

18CA0917 Marriage of Thomas and Naticchia

18CA0934 People In Interest of K.R.B., a Child

18CA1011 People In Interest of A.G. and J.G., Children

18CA1995 People In Interest of David James


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