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Home Courts Court of Appeals Case Announcements
Court of Appeals Case Announcements
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January 19, 2017

This is a preliminary list subject to change at the Court's discretion

U N P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S

12CA2331 People v. Dale Charles Bruner

13CA1085 People v. David Charles Compare

13CA1626 People v. Khed A. Turley

14CA1024 People v. Sandra Marion Barajas

14CA1525 People v. E.E.L.

14CA2356 People v. Keith E. Rohracker

14CA2482 People v. Leo Phillips

15CA1052 Woodgate Commons Homeowners v. American Family Mutual Ins

15CA1336 People v. William Lovato

15CA1369 People v. Alexander Brown

15CA2154 People v. Malcolm Tiger

16CA0013 VTO Capital v. Kevin B. Jordan

16CA0030 Greg Pepper v. Myron Scott

16CA0309 Fairmount Cemetery v. City and County of Denver

16CA0323 Good Decisions v. Town of Frisco

16CA0355 Nicholas Prewitt v. Mercedes-Benz USA

16CA0405 People v. Angelo Benzor

16CA0504 Michael Ludwig v. USAA General Indemnity

16CA1206 People In Interest of C.N., a Child

16CA1301 People In Interest of S.D. and J.D., Children

16CA1526 Inspiration Field v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office

16CA1890 Robin R. Johnson v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office



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January 12, 2017 January 05, 2017
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