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Home Courts Court of Appeals Case Announcements
Court of Appeals Case Announcements
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Please note:  Starting in April 2019, the Colorado Court of Appeals will announce any published opinions on a weekly basis rather than biweekly.

March 26, 2020

P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S

16CA1319 Peo v William Scott Pettigrew,

17CA1060 Peo v Wendel Robert Wardell, Jr

17CA1815 Peo v William J Hunsaker, Jr,

18CA0298 Canuto John Martinez v LHM Corporation, TCD

18CA1128 Dean Carbajal v Wells Fargo Bank

18CA1551 La Plata County Bd v Colo Dept of Public Health and Environment

18CA2084 Better Baked v GJG Property, Peak Holdings Group, Dorenka

19CA0059 HCA-HealthONE v Colo Dept of Labor and Employment

19CA0318 Peo v Kristin Marie Flynn

19CA0446 Peo v William Frederick Vogel

U N P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S

16CA1253  Peo v Devon Grant-Washington

16CA2135 Peo v Donis Murray Pushee

17CA1058 Peo v Jerome Perea

17CA1059 Peo v Wendel Robert Wardell, Jr

17CA1181 Peo v Bernard Norma Christianson

17CA1373 Peo v Daniel Franklin Maddox

17CA1503 Park Forest Care Center v Westminster

17CA1880 Peo v Shoan Luke

17CA1941 Peo v Richard Alexander Zarate

17CA2336 Peo v Mario Dominic Valencia

18CA0006 Peo v John Svitak

18CA0208 Peo v Michael Stuart Schreiber

18CA0599 Peo v Reynaldo Macias

18CA0778 Peo v Nathaniel Vincent Padilla

18CA1817 & 18CA2324 Jushi FL SPV, LLC v San Felasco Nurseries

18CA2134 Marriage of Hartman

18CA2199 James Butler and Johanna Butler v H2 Properties

18CA2232 Peo v Willie J Simkins

18CA2362 Marriage of Aguero

18CA2453 Peo v Justin James Sturtevant

18CA2457 Janet Torma-Krajewski v Colo School of Mines

19CA0129 Marriage of Maley

19CA0217 Marcus Lessard v Philip J Weiser, et al.

19CA0230 Marriage of Crawford

19CA0321 Michael Dunafon v April Jones, et al.

19CA0410 La Plata County v Colo Dept of Public Health and Environment

19CA0595 Robledo-Valdez v Exec Dir of CDOC and Warden of BVCF

19CA0787 Peo v Markos Paul Lucero

19CA0971 Peo In the Int of KMC, and CRC, Children, and Conc KC,

19CA1529 Peo In the Int of ES, GS, and MP, Children, and Conc LP and AS

19CA1566 Peo In the Int of NNS, a Child, and Conc FKW

19CA1634 Peo In the Int of SHH, a Child, and Conc KDH

19CA1745 Peo In the Int of AJM, a Child, and Conc BT

19CA1775 Peo In the Int of ER, a Child, and Conc AR

19CA1802 Peo In the Int of HPM and CJM, Children, and Conc AB,

19CA1841 Peo In the Int of FM, a Child, and Conc JGR

20CA0078 Peo In the Int of Craine


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