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Home Courts Court of Appeals Case Announcements
Court of Appeals Case Announcements
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May 13, 2021

P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S

17CA1911 People v. Rafael Aguilar Garcia

19CA1114 People v. Payut Cody Hasadinratana

19CA2040 Bd of Cnty Comm’rs of Boulder v. Crestone Peak Resources Operating

19CA2085 People v. David Lawrence Cox

U N P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S

17CA1596 People v. James Darren McGuire

17CA2181 People v. Dean Allen Richardson

18CA0091 People v. David Sean Riedel

18CA0172 People v. Breanna Marie Wallis

18CA0229 People v. Theodore William Griffin

18CA0367 People v. Robert Archie St. John, Jr.

18CA0368 People v. Jason Peter Garcia

18CA1307 People v. James Myles Naas

18CA1333 People v. John Christopher Wilds

18CA1342 People v. Mohammed Ahmed Abdul Jones

18CA1403 People v. Anthony Kelley

18CA1596 People v. Everet Karl Price

18CA1667 People v. James Young Arnold IV

18CA1949 People v. Marcus A. Vigil

19CA0228 People v. Jason Paul Beamer

19CA0798 People v. Jason Peter Garcia

19CA1096 People v. William Frank Sandoval

19CA1249 People v. Davin Michael Carrera

19CA1388 People v. Aaron Lyman Neff

19CA1575 People v. Enrique Ernesto Gorostieta

19CA1641 People v. Larry Delaney

19CA1901 People v. Micahi Stacy Hughes

19CA1924 People v. Clifford Charles Galley, II

19CA2027 City and County of Denver v. Randall S. Thompson

19CA2145 Spanky’s Wine and Liquor v. Shilpa Vanga

19CA2241 Taina Busnardo v. Cory Hamilton

19CA2345 Jennifer Armbruster v. American Family Mutual Insurance

19CA2391 Marriage of Kehoe and Bodnar

20CA0201 Crooked Stave v. Freight on the River

20CA0313 Dennis G. Hopkins, Jr. v. Colorado Department of Corrections

20CA0492 Dallas Meadows Community Association v. Garth Valentine

20CA0612 Marriage of Harmer

20CA0947 People In Interest of M.W., a Child

20CA1192 People In Interest of L.P. and A.P., Children

20CA1258 People In Interest of X.C., a Child

20CA1447 People In Interest of D.P. and B.P., Children

20CA1610 People In Interest of N.R.D., a Child

20CA1617 People In the Interest of S.S.P. and G.M.P., Children

20CA1784 People In Interest of J.D., a Child

20CA1794 People In Interest of S.G., a Child

20CA1804 People In Interest of D.J., a Child

20CA1814 People In Interest of A.L.T., a Child

20CA1845 People In Interest of N.G.G., A.R.G., and S.D.G., Children

20CA1854 People In Interest of N.V., a Child

20CA1858 People In Interest of R.F., a Child

20CA1938 People In Interest of P.R.T., a Child

20CA1969 People In Interest of N.S., a Child


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