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Home Courts Court of Appeals Case Announcements
Court of Appeals Case Announcements
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March 22, 2018

This is a preliminary list subject to change at the discretion of the Court.

P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S

15CA0654 People v. Timothy Wakefield

16CA0215 People v. Danielle Palmer

16CA1269 Colorado Medical Board v. James Boland, MD

17CA0051 Maralex Resources v. Colorado Oil and Gas

17CA0073 Colorado Medical Board v. Scott Storm McLaughlin, M.D.

17CA0212 CAW Equities v. City of Greenwood Village

17CA0235 Choice Johnson v. Denver Civil Service Commission

17CA0407 Richard G. Minshall v. David K. Johnston

17CA0652 People In the Interest of B.C., a Child

U N P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S

14CA1386 People v. Kevin Leonard Floyd

14CA1748 People v. Nathan Chris Pasquale

14CA1842 People v. Isaiah Joseph Lucero

14CA2416 People v. Jose A. Carrillo-Rodriguez

15CA0629 People v. Nevik Dean Howard

15CA1262 People v. Andrez Nunez

15CA1269 People v. Richard Henry Threlkeld

15CA1775 People In Interest of L.J.K.

15CA2073 People In Interest of K.M.H.

16CA0366 People v. Daryll Glenn Brown

16CA0844 People v. Robert McMullen

16CA1211 People v. Graylon Thomas

16CA1215 Scott Simmons v. LWP Properties

16CA1868 Marriage of Kent

16CA1906 People v. LeRoy Arlen Wallace

16CA1945 People v. Ivan Palacios-Miranda

16CA1990 People v. Jason Vernier

16CA2071 Crispin Paniagua Salas v. Concept Companies

16CA2166 TBF Financial v. Catherine Chan

17CA0013 Michelle Muller v. Department of Corrections

17CA0113 Bobby R. Hayes v. Robin Feffer

17CA0162 Natalie Bendinelli v. Metropolitan Property and Casualty

17CA0293 People v. Logan Lawson and Concerning Jonah Wexler

17CA0305 Ludmila “Mila” Dosien v. Ronald Dorsey, D.D.S.

17CA0515 Marriage of Ortiz

17CA0616 COEX, LLC v. David A. Stefanich

17CA0812 People In Interest of N.J., a Child

17CA0925 People In Interest of L.K.G. and A.R.D., Children

17CA1013 People In Interest of T.J., a Child

17CA1021 People In Interest of J.S.K-W., a Child

17CA1156 People In Interest of Y.E.M.M., a Child

17CA1172 People In Interest of J.M., a Child

17CA1356 City of Colorado Springs v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office

17CA1439 Caleb L. King v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office

17CA1444 People In Interest of R.R.D., a Child

17CA1469 Vincent Cruz v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office

17CA1673 Shannon J. Libhart v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office

17CA1829 Alana M. Norzagaray v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office

17CA1949 Laboratory Express v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office

17CA2029 Byron D. Henry v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office

17CA2164 Patricia A. Coleman v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office

17CA2187 Jake Carruthers v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office

17CA2221 Richard A. Martinez v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office



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