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Home Courts Court of Appeals Oral Arguments
Court of Appeals Oral Arguments
Past Oral Arguments

Audio Archive of Oral Arguments Prior to July 1, 2015. For Oral Arguments held after July 1, 2015, please visit the Live and Archived Oral Argument page.

August 2015

Oral Argument Schedule
August 2015

July 2015

Oral Argument Schedule
July 2015

Audio Files
July 14, 2015 14CA0806 Patten v. Estate of Boyace
14CA0835 HBG Neighborhood v. City of Lakewood

June 2015

Oral Argument Schedule
June 2015

Audio Files
June 24, 2015 14CA2234 Apprill v. ICAO
June 23, 2015 14CA0255 Zeke Coffee v. Pappas-Alstad
14CA0815 Carroll v. Nicholls
14CA0969 In re Trust of Condiotti
14CA1117 Marquez v. American Family Ins
14CA1306 Anheuser-Busch v. Larimer Cty Bd
14CA1504 Laves v. Computer and Communication
June 17, 2015 14CA1088 State of Colo v. Alta Colleges
14CA1256 Ingram v. Cudahy
June 16, 2015 12CA0871 People v. Lawlor
12CA1536 People v. Cardenas
13CA1561 Ackerman v. City & Cty of Denver
14CA0570 Payan v. Nash-Finch Co
14CA0949 Hatch v. Goodwin
June 10, 2015 12CA1546 People v. Ellis
13CA1474 People v. Rauchfuss
June 09, 2015 12CA0659 People v. Dowen
12CA1585 People v. Agakian
13CA2135 Bateman v. Morse & Associates
14CA0678 Coates v. Vision Development Group
June 02, 2015 12CA0099 People v. Parker
12CA0263 People v. Ray
12CA1763 People v. Gillespie
14CA0093 Marriage of Kazazian and Stackpool
14CA0458 Haney v. Dept of Revenue
14CA0950 & 14CA0968 Am Family v. Dept of Pub Safety
14CA1274 Logic Service v. Mears

May 2015

Oral Argument Schedule
May 2015

Audio Files
May 27, 2015 14CA0915 Bradford v. USAA Casualty Ins
May 26, 2015 14CA0665 Battle North v. Sensible Housing
14CA0997 High Plains v. Kirkmeyer
May 20, 2015 14CA0273 Walker v. Ford Motor
14CA0956 Stoesz v. State Farm
May 19, 2015 12CA0898 People v. Singley
12CA1281 People v. Willett
13CA1624 People v. Saavedra
13CA2199 Marriage of Morton
14CA0249 Colo Dept of Health Care v. S.P.
14CA0396 Marriage of Mullins
14CA0877 Smith v. Greenberg
14CA1147 Sanders v. All Around Roustabout
14CA1657 Savage v. ICAO
May 18, 2015 13CA1996 People v. Majd
13CA2212 Chesapeak Bank v. Miller
14CA0671 Shook v. Pitkin Cty Board
May 12, 2015 07CA2010 People v. Bera
10CA2481 People v. DeGreat
12CA1803 Jones v. Ardmore Palizzi
12CA2478 People v. Betweenlodge
13CA1305 People v. Isom
14CA0485 Fletcher v. Greeley Mall
14CA0576 Geest v. Pueblo Housing
14CA0998 Hoffman v. Center for Excellence
May 05, 2015 13CA0173 People v. Moore
13CA1265 People v. Hart
13CA2165 People v. Franklin
14CA0519 Tomar Development v. Friend
14CA0900 Boulders at Escalante v. Otten Johnson Robinson
14CA1039 McKinley v. City of Glenwood
14CA1168 People In Interest of B.H.
14CA1239 People v. Belibi

April 2015

Oral Argument Schedule
April 2015

Audio Files
April 29, 2015 12CA1908 People v. Garcia
14CA0818 Arkansas Valley v. Lake Cty
April 28, 2015 12CA0481 People v. Weeks
13CA0802 Johnson v. VCG Restaurants Denver
13CA2146 Leiter v. Pearce
13CA2362 Aspen Springs Metro Dist v. Keno
14CA0228 Smokebrush v. City of Colo Springs
14CA0790 Black v. Rosko
April 21, 2015 10CA1221 People v. Erb
11CA2510 People v. Williamson
13CA1663 Webster v. Grimwood
13CA2223 Franz v. Forschner
April 15, 2015 12CA1393 People v. Mordi
13CA2330 Marriage of Yadron
14CA0549 DeJean v. Grosz
April 14, 2015 12CA0103 People v. Proctor
12CA2045 People v. Trogdon
13CA1063 People v. Naranjo
13CA1802 Ridolfi v. Begano
14CA0574 Page v. Town of Erie
14CA0727 Winkler v. Shaffer
14CA2172 People In Interest of C.G.
14CA2259 People In Interest of R.L.C.H.
April 07, 2015 11CA1748 People v. Torrez
12CA0108 People v. Neal
14CA0225 People v. Pleshakov
14CA0670 Gessler v. Grossman
14CA0927 McGovern v. City & Cty of Denver
14CA2453 People In Interest of C.Z.

March 2015

Oral Argument Schedule
March 2015

Audio Files
March 25, 2015 12CA1293 People v. Harvey
14CA0281 Rademacher v. Becker
March 24, 2015 09CA1633 People v. Johnson
10CA2482 People v. Hill
13CA0883 People v. Aceves
13CA1765 People v. Loader
13CA2269 Ausenhus v. Windsor
13CA2305 Soicher v. State Farm
14CA0248 McShane v. Stirling Ranch
14CA0269 Briargate v. Nelson
14CA0664 Shepherd v. Board
March 17, 2015 11CA1375 People v. Clark
13CA0124 People v. Harris
13CA1790 People v. Guyman
14CA0403 L&R v. CCG
14CA0696 Auxier v. McDonald
March 11, 2015 08CA1617 People v. Harris
14CA0251 Kruse v. Land Title Guarantee
March 10, 2015 10CA1475 People v. Parra
12CA0199 People v. Akins
13CA0760 Oster v. Baack
13CA0988 People v. Moore
13CA1039 People v. Ross
13CA2140 Baker v. Staufer Commercial
13CA2220 Marriage of Heil
14CA0268 Keim v. Douglas Cty School Dist
14CA1757 Teller Cty v. ICAO
14CA2177 Briseno v. ICAO
March 03, 2015 10CA1993 People v. Carter
11CA2254 People v. Zavala
13CA2361 Fisher v. State Farm
14CA0606 Marriage of Lohman
March 02, 2015 10CA1184 People v. Clark
13CA2281 Zwick v. Kaiser Foundation

February 2015

Oral Argument Schedule
February 2015

Audio Files
February 25, 2015 14CA0732 Williams v. Crop Production Services
February 24, 2015 11CA1036 People v. Bagley
13CA1257 BNSF Railway v. Mundt
13CA1402 & 13CA1450 Rastor Shop v. Enigami Systems
13CA2014 Malley Heights v. Standard Ins
13CA2060 Aylyarova v. Pudge Brothers
13CA2104 Long v. Boulder & Weld Reservoir
13CA2185 Buchanan v. Snell & Wilmer
February 18, 2015 10CA2225 Pueblo del Sol v. Legacy Bank
11CA2608 People v. Peppers
13CA0961 Stor v. Lotus Concept
13CA1972 Patterson v. BP America
14CA0247 Carnation Bldg v. City & Cty of Denver
14CA0661 Chatfield Community v. Board
February 11, 2015 11CA1666 People v. Miller
13CA1845 Hillila v. Colo Dept of Revenue
14CA0152 Polston v. Pagosa Lakes
February 10, 2015 12CA2169 People v. Turner
13CA0782 Klimmer v. 888 Condominium
13CA1102 Park and Cart v. Safeway
13CA1916 People v. Askew
13CA2047 People v. Compito
14CA0036 Marriage of Riedl
14CA0262 Marriage of Marlow
14CA0312 In Matter of Duvall
February 03, 2015 11CA0788 People v. Kallweit
12CA2330 People v. Saldivar
13CA2325 Marriage of Toole
14CA0459 Felder v. Farmers Ins Exchange

January 2015

Oral Argument Schedule
January 2015

Audio Files
January 28, 2015 13CA2230 Monell v. Cherokee River
14CA0037 Winding River v. Snowstorm Sand
14CA1021 Three Forks v. ICAO
January 27, 2015 13CA1075 Oldham v. Pedrie
13CA1641 People v. Berry
13CA1932 Denny v. Train
13CA2204 Ranch O v. Colo Cattlemen's
13CA2243 Colo Dept of Public Health v. Colo Citizens
13CA2252 & 13CA2322 Mountain Medical v. Redfoot
January 21, 2015 12CA1817 People v. McMorris
13CA1781 Lorson Ranch Metro Dist v. Rice & Rice
13CA1791 People v. Singleton
13CA1907 First National Bank of Durango v. Lyons
14CA0029 Workplace Lofts v. New Providence
January 14, 2015 11CA0847 People v. Paulsen
13CA2187 Kinder Morgan v. Montezuma Cty Bd of Comm
14CA1381 People In Interest of D.J.H.
January 13, 2015 12CA1642 People v. Keith
12CA2278 People v. Nutter
13CA1407 French v. Evans
13CA1430 Smith v. SSC Pueblo Belmont
13CA1442 People v. Boyd
13CA1580 Creager Mercantile v. Colo Dept of Revenue
13CA1614 Dempsey v. Denver Police Dept
14CA0024 People In Interest of K.A.O.
14CA0367 GE Capital v. Wattles Real Estate
14CA1257 Gonzales v. ICAO
January 06, 2015 10CA1937 People v. Sandoval
12CA0891 People v. Hofer
12CA1990 People v. Pilgrim
13CA1811 Hanieh v. Hassan
14CA1140 McTaggart-Kerns v. ICAO

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