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Home Administration Information Technology Services E-Filing

Integrated Colorado Courts E-Filing System

Welcome to the Integrated Colorado Courts E-filing System (ICCES) page. ICCES is an internet based application that allows users to e-serve and e-file documents with the Colorado Courts.

ICCES allows attorneys to e-file into civil, criminal (in limited districts), domestic, water, probate, and appellate court (Court of Appeals and Supreme Court) cases. ICCES also currently allows pro se users to e-file small claims cases in Adams and Jefferson counties

Need technical support? Please send your issues to or call 1-855-CO-ICCES (1-855-264-2237).

Have feedback about ICCES? Please send comments, questions or concerns to

Want to get involved in the development of ICCES?  Join our ICCES User Community.  



  • Criminal E-Filing Schedule Update: On October 16th, 2015, we updated the rollout schedule for criminal e-filing. Please click here to learn more about the criminal e-filing pilot.

  • Notice of statutory filing fee changes: in January 2012, Chief Justice Directive 12-02 was created to temporarily reduce statutory filing fees. This CJD has been repealed and statutory filing fees will return to the full statutory amounts effective July 1, 2013. If you have questions about this directive, please contact court services at

  • Learn more about the latest ICCES support schedule.
  • Learn more about the various enhancements ICCES brings to electronic filing in the Colorado Courts.
  • Click on the ICCES Training link under "Sections" for more information on the types of training available.

Our video below will give you an overview of ICCES. Please note that the video below does not contain audio. To view training videos with audio, please visit the training page.

ICCES Overview Demonstration


Are documents and/or cases originally placed into the LexisNexis File & Serve system available in ICCES? What types of document security will ICCES have? Will the court minute orders be available online? Are the courts able to reject filings? Will an organization be charged for rejected filings? How will an organization be billed? What payment options are available? Is there a file size limit for e-filed documents? Can organizations e-file into Denver County through ICCES? What case classes are attorneys and agencies able to file into? What case classes can pro se individuals file into? Is batch filing supported? Do 3rd Party Filers need to sign an agreement with a law firm to file through ICCES? Can an attorney have multiple ICCES accounts? (Note: This FAQ applies only to those attorneys who chose to set up multiple ICCES accounts tied to the same bar number) What happens to an organization’s court case when an attorney of record leaves the organization?
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