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Home Courts By District 1st Judicial District
Home Courts By District 1st Judicial District
1st Judicial District

The following applies to both Gilpin County &


Jefferson County Combined Courts

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LIVE STREAMPlease use this link to WATCH COURT ONLY. The Judge will not be able to see or hear you. This will not count as your Court appearance. If you enter this link when you are supposed to be in Court, this may result in a failure to appear with a warrant for your arrest.    
VIRTUAL COURT PARTICIPANTSPlease use this link to participate as a party, victim, or witness.  This will allow the Judge to see and hear you.                                                 

Warning: Do not record or reproduce the court proceedings. Any recording of these proceedings—including any audio recording, visual recording, screen capture, or photograph—without the express prior written authorization of the court is prohibited and may subject you to contempt proceedings, including a fine, jail, or both. For more information, please see Chief Justice Directive 23-02, 23-03 and C.R.S. § 13-1-132.

Witnesses who are set to testify: If there is a sequestration order that prohibits you from watching these proceedings, disconnect immediately and let the court know if you watched or heard any of the proceedings.


The 1st Judicial District includes Jefferson and Gilpin Counties. There are 36 Judicial Officers in the 1st Judicial District, which includes 14 District Court Judges, 10 County Court Judges, and 12 Magistrates. Jefferson County is the fourth most populous of the 64 counties in the State of Colorado.



To order transcripts from a court hearing in Jefferson County, please click here.

To order transcripts from a court hearing in Gilpin County, please click here.  If you are an attorney, the request should be e-filed via CCE.  If you are not represented by an attorney, the request should be emailed to



Se ofrecen servicios de interpretación. Favor de llamar al 720-772-2752 indicando su nobre, la fecha de su comparecencia, y su número de caso. Por corrreo electronico a

To request and interpreter please contact the Managing Court Interpreter, Francisco Picado.  Please call 720-772-2752 with your name, date of your appearance, and your case number.  You can also email the above information to

Picture of Gilpin Combined Court
Gilpin Combined Court
2960 Dory Hill Road, Suite 200
Black Hawk, CO 80422

720-894-8659 (fax)

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Picture of Jefferson Combined Court
Jefferson Combined Court
100 Jefferson County Parkway
Golden, CO 80401


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County Courts
Gilpin County Jefferson County

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  Application for Court Appointed Counsel and Legal Services FY 2025

  Colorado CFI Requirements

Child and Family Investigators (CFIs)

If you are interested in serving as a CFI in the 1st Judicial District you must be included on the Statewide Eligibility Roster and you must have identified the 1st Judicial District for appointments. The 1st Judicial District does not require additional application materials.

Click the link below to learn about the 1st Judicial District’s Problem Solving Courts.





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