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Home Courts By County Jefferson County
Jefferson County


Judicial Officer Div Current Courtroom New Courtroom Move Date
Judge Hunt 14 2G 5A May 30, 2018
Judge Vance H 1C 2G May 30, 2018
Magistrate Schaefer T/L 1A 1C May 30, 2018
Judge Stuart A 1E 1A May 31, 2018
Judge Vriesman 11 4B 1E May 31, 2018
Judge Bachmeyer 2 5A 4B May 31, 2018

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Click here for the Court Business Resources page.  This page contains additional information and resources, a list of FREE legal clinics, attorneys offering services at a reduced rate, and specific information related to our County.   


The First Judicial District includes Jefferson and Gilpin Counties. There are 32 judicial officers in the First Judicial District which includes 13 District Court Judges, 10 County Court Judges and 9 Magistrates. Jefferson County is the fourth most populous of the 64 counties in the State of Colorado.

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Se ofrecen servicios de interpretación. Favor de llamar al 720-772-2752 indicando su nobre, la fecha de su comparecencia, y su número de caso. Por corrreo electronico a

To request an interpreter please contact the Managing Court Interpreter, Francisco Picado.  Please call 720-772-2752 with your name, date of your appearance, and your case number or send an email providing the above information to


Picture of Jefferson Combined Court
Jefferson Combined Court
100 Jefferson County Parkway
Golden, CO 80401

720-772-2787 (fax)

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1st Judicial District Gilpin County

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  Colorado CFI Requirements

Child and Family Investigators (CFIs)

If you are interested in serving as a CFI in the 1st Judicial District you must be included on the Statewide Eligibility Roster and you must have identified the 1st Judicial District for appointments. The 1st Judicial District does not require additional application materials.


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