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Child and Family Investigators

A child and family investigator (“CFI”) may be appointed in a domestic relations case pursuant to section 14-10-116.5, C.R.S., upon the request of either party or upon the court’s own motion. The court determines the scope of the child and family investigator’s appointment. The role of the CFI is to investigate, report and make recommendations to the court on issues outlined in the order of appointment that affect the best interests of children involved in the domestic relations case. The CFI shall file a written report with the court and may be called as a witness.

The Office of the State Court Administrator (“SCAO”) oversees eligibility of non-attorney CFIs, including licensed mental health professionals, and privately paid attorney CFIs. The Office of the Child’s Representative oversees eligibility of state paid attorney CFIs.  Attorney CFIs who wish to accept both private pay and state pay cases must comply with the separate eligibility processes of both offices.

How can I file a complaint against a CFI?

Click the button titled CHILD AND FAMILY INVESTIGATOR COMPLAINT FORM below to file a complaint online.

Child and Family Investigator Complaint Form

Where are the district rosters?


Current Judicial District CFI Rosters

The State Court Administrator’s Office (SCAO) is not certifying or recommending any professional by inclusion in this roster. Inclusion in this roster only indicates that the professional has submitted a completed affidavit to SCAO and successfully passed a criminal background check with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation through processes and guidelines established by SCAO. Inclusion in this roster only indicates eligibility for consideration of appointment by a judicial district or the Office of the Child’s Representative. Judicial districts and the Office of the Child’s Representative determine final eligibility for appointment of any Child and Family Investigator. A party considering requesting appointment of a Child and Family Investigator should conduct an independent investigation of the qualifications of a professional. Inclusion on the eligibility roster should not create an expectation of appointment by the Court.

Who can be a CFI? Individuals interested in providing services as a child and family investigator in domestic relations cases. A CFI may be an attorney, mental health professional, or anyone with appropriate training and qualifications.
How do I become a CFI?

Complete the online affidavit process, below, during the annual open affidavit period. New applicants will be required to complete a fingerprint background check and the Colorado Judicial Branch CFI Training prior to being eligible for placement on the statewide roster. SCAO must receive proof of successful completion of these requirements before the annual statewide roster update on July 1. Contact the Office of the Child’s Representative for information about state pay attorney CFI eligibility.

What is the deadline?

Affidavits are only accepted during the open affidavit period. For 2014, new affidavits will only be accepted from January 2, 2014 through 5 p.m. on January 31, 2014. Affidavits received after that time will not be considered.

CFIs currently on the statewide roster must submit RENEWAL affidavits in 2016, prior to expiration of their eligibility for appointment. Information regarding the renewal process will be posted on this website in early 2016. Please see "Policies Governing Standard 6 of CJD 04-08" below.

Because the statewide roster is updated only once annually, on July 1, applicants must also ensure that SCAO has received satisfactory CBI background check results and proof of attendance of the mandatory Colorado Judicial Branch CFI Training before July 1. Applicants are responsible for verifying receipt and satisfactory completion of these requirements
How do I apply?

Click the button titled CFI AFFIDAVIT below to complete the online CFI Affidavit, which is due by January 31, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. Applicants will not be considered unless the online Affidavit is timely submitted. Attorneys seeking state pay CFI appointments must also apply through the Office of the Child’s Representative.


Statute and Chief Justice Directives:

§14-10-116.5, C.R.S.
Statute that authorizes the appointment of a child and family investigator.

Chief Justice Directive 04-08 (amended December 2012)
Discusses the guidelines for appointment, standards of practice including relevant areas of training, and the court’s role and responsibilities.
Chief Justice Directive 04-05
Discusses payment procedures for child and family investigators.

Chief Justice Directive 04-06
Discusses payment procedures for state paid attorney child and family investigators.

Policies and Practice Guidelines:

Policies Governing Standard 6 of CJD 04-08

Practice Guideline Standard 8 - Use of Support Staff

Colorado Judicial Department CFI Mandatory Training

This training is mandatory for all CFIs, pursuant to CJD 04-08, Standard 6, and the Policies Governing Standard 6 of Chief Justice Directive 04-08, issued by the Office of the State Court Administrator.

The February 24-28, 2014 CFI Training at the Ralph Carr Judicial Center, 1300 Broadway, Denver, Colorado, is full. To be placed on the waiting list, please email Kara Martin at

No other mandatory CFI Trainings are currently scheduled. All future trainings will be posted on this website.

Who do I contact?

For questions about non-attorney CFI appointments and private pay attorney CFI appointments, please email Kara Martin at For questions about state-pay attorney CFI appointments, contact the Office of the Child’s Representative.




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