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Home Administration Court Services Family Law Programs Child Support Services
Child Support Services

Child support is intended to provide for children’s basic needs and to allow the children to share in the standard of living of both parents.  Child support can be addressed either by the Court or through the Child Support Services Division of the Colorado Department of Human Services. Within the Colorado State Court Administrator’s Office – Family Unit, Joel Borgman acts as a liaison between the judicial branch and Child Support Services. 

If you pay or receive child support and do not have a caseworker, and you have questions about your specific court order, including making changes to your child support order, please contact the Self-Help Center at your courthouse. 

If you would like information on starting a child support case with the Child Support Services Division of the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS), or information about calculating child support payments, enforcement remedies, and other help regarding child support, visit the PARENT section of the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) Child Support Services website. Click here for information on the DISH (Data Information Sharing) project that allows courts and the Colorado Department of Human Services'
Child Support Services Units to exchange data.

If you have questions about the Child Support Services program at the State Court Administrator's Office, please contact


Statutes and Regulations

Child Support Guidelines: C.R.S. §14-10-115 

Child Support Enforcement Act: C.R.S. §26-13-101, et. seq.

Colorado Administrative Procedure Act for the Establishment and Enforcement of Child Support: C.R.S. §26-13.5-101, et. seq.

Income Assignments: C.R.S. §14-14-111.5

Modification and Termination of Child Support: C.R.S §14-10-122

Uniform Interstate Enforcement Act (UIFSA): C.R.S. §14-5-101, et. seq.

Uniform Parentage Act: C.R.S. §19-4-101, et. seq.

Department of Human Services Regulation Regarding Child Support

Judical Forms & Resources

Child Support Worksheets:  Electronic    Manual
Child Support Resource Video
Enforcement of Child Support Order:  Income Assignment
Enforcement of Child Support Order:  Contempt of Court 
Establishing Paternity 
Disclaiming Paternity 
Modification of Child Support 
Termination of Child Support   
Sworn Financial Statement 
Sworn Financial Statement, Supporting Schedules

Child Support Commission 

Child Support Commission meeting schedule, members, agendas and minutes, and legislation and reports

2019 Commission Report

2011 Commission Report

Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial Center

1300 Broadway, Room 2B

Denver, CO  80203



Colorado Child Support Guidelines:
Economic Background and Update August 2013

Colorado Child Support Guidelines Update August 2013 
(video with audio- latest version of Flash player is needed)


Child Support and Child Welfare Final Report - September 2010
Colorado Child Support Services

Resources for Parents

A Parent’s Guide to Visitation 

A Parent's Guide to Child Support 

Connecting With Your Kids: English Version    Spanish Version

Paternity Matters- For You...AND Your Child

Unmarried Parents- For Your Child's Sake...Establish Paternity

Paternity Brochure

Child Support Services Resource

Colorado Department of Human Services Child Support Services

Family Support Line
Metro Denver: 303.695.7996
Statewide, toll-free: 1.877.695.7996

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