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Child and Family Investigators

Courts may appoint Child and Family Investigators (CFIs) in cases involving parental responsibilities, including parenting time and decision-making. The court order appointing a CFI states the CFI’s duties, or the scope of the CFI appointment. The CFI’s role is to investigate, report and make recommendations to the court, as directed in the order of appointment, regarding the best interests of the children. The CFI usually prepares a written report for the court and may testify during court hearings. Effective January 1, 2016, the Office of the State Court Administrator oversees all CFIs.

Filing a Complaint against a CFI

If you believe a CFI has violated the Standards of Practice in Chief Justice Directive 04-08, you may click the button below to file a complaint after you have received preliminary findings from the judicial officer presiding over your case.  You must request preliminary findings within 60 days of termination of the CFI's appointment and can use JDF 1361 to do so. The CFI complaint process will not result in changes to court orders. Complaints must be brought within six months after termination of the CFI appointment. This complaint process does not apply to Parental Responsibility Evaluators (PRE), as they have a separate complaint process on the PRE page.

Child and Family Investigator Complaint Form

If the CFI is a licensed mental health professional, and you believe they are in violation of their mental health license, click here to search the CFI on the DORA website and file a complaint. (In the search box you only need to enter the CFI's first and last name)

If the CFI is an attorney and you believe they violated the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct, click here if you wish to file a complaint with the Office of Attorney Regulation.

Judicial District CFI Rosters


Current Judicial District CFI Rosters

Click on the above link to access the list of potential CFIs for your court.

The Judicial Branch does not certify or endorse CFIs. Parties should independently investigate CFI qualifications and suitability. Those listed on District CFI Rosters submitted a CFI affidavit, attended a mandatory CFI training, and passed a background check, as determined by the Office of the State Court Administrator. Judicial districts determine final eligibility for appointment of CFIs. CFIs should have no expectation of appointment.

The 18th JD and 14th JD manage their own CFI rosters. Once is CFI is approved for the Statewide Roster, they may apply to be added to the Roster for the 18th JD and 14th JD. See the instructions below.

  • 18th JD Roster: To be added to the CFI Roster for the 18th JD, please email Jenni Turnidge at
  • 14th JD Roster: To be added to the CFI Roster for the 14th JD, please email Peggy Gentles at

Any changes to a CFI listing on a District Roster should be sent to

Becoming a CFI

The next Affidavit period will be open for the June 1-30 of 2025Prospective CFIs should apply early in the month to allow sufficient time to address any difficulties, technological or otherwise, they may experience completing the affidavit. Typically, the SCAO receives approximately 100 affidavits and accepts 50 into the training. If you are selected from the open Affidavit period, you MUST attend the week-long, 40 hour CFI training which will be held in-person only at the Ralph Carr Justice Center November 3-7 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm each day.

In order to submit an affidavit to be included on the CFI Roster, you must complete 30 hours of training within the last five years (at the time of submission). 20 hours must cover DV and CA topics in compliance with §14-10-127.5, C.R.S. and §14-10-116.5, C.R.S. The additional 10 hours must be in various relevant areas consistent with Standard 6 of CJD 04-08. You will be required to submit proof of all completed training. In addition to proof of completion, the DV and child abuse training must be submitted with a SCAO cover page and SCAO trainer affidavit. See below in the renewal section for the cover page and trainer affidavit. Do not sign up for DV and child abuse training before showing the presenter the trainer affidavit and asking the presenter if they will sign the trainer affidavit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many CFIs are on the Statewide Eligibility Roster? More than 150.

How many CFIs are listed on each District Roster? The number of CFIs on District Rosters ranges from 9 to more than 100.

What districts most need CFIs? Many rural districts have a CFI shortage.

What special skills are most needed? Few CFIs can communicate with families who speak languages other than English. This skill is helpful.

Will I receive enough appointments to do CFI work full time? Probably not. CFIs should have no expectation of appointment. Most CFIs desire more appointments than they receive and also work as mediators, lawyers, mental health practitioners, parenting coordinators, decision-makers, etc. Some CFIs do not receive any appointments

Renewal of CFI Eligibility

The renewal period has now closed for the Jan 1, 2024 renewal.

Starting January 1, 2024, CFIs will renew on the roster every five years. As part of the renwal the CFI shall complete 25 hours of continuing education in relevant areas, consistent with Standard 6 from CJD 04-08. Of the 25 hours of training, 15 hours must focus on domestic violence, including coercive control, child abuse, and child sexual abuse, and the traumatic effects on children, adults and families, in accordance with §14-10-116.5 and §14-10-127.5, C.R.S. When a CFI submits their general training requirements, they must submit proof of completion of the course. When a CFI submits proof of their DV and child abuse training, they must submit proof of completion of the course, the trainer affidavit and the training coverpage. 

trainer affidavit

training cover page


CAC Billing Info

For information on setting up a CAC system user profile and CAC system training info click here and scroll to the very bottom of the page.

For billing system log-in, CAC system training, and additional resources, click here.

Please email with any questions. 

The division clerk is responsible for setting up each individual case in the internal system. This includes assigning the CFI to the case for CAC payments.  Please contact the clerk directly if you have not  been added to a case. 


Statute and Chief Justice Directives (CJDs):
§14-10-116.5, C.R.S. (governs the appointment of CFIs)

§14-10-127.5, C.R.S. (authority regarding domestic violence and child abuse training requirements)

CLICK HERE to Search for a Chief Justice Directive:
CJD 04-08
(CFI appointment, practice standards and complaint procedures)
CJD 04-05 (state paid CFIs)

Practice Guidelines:

Practice Guideline Standard 8 - Use of Support Staff (Due to the 2023 revisions to CJD 04-08, this is now Standard 7 Practice guideline)

CFI Complaint & Suitability Log

Pursuant to CJD 04-08, the judicial district and the SCAO may publicly disclose only the existence of a founded complaint, the date of the finding, the standard or section of the CJD violated, and the sanction imposed.  Additionally, if a CFI is determined to be no longer suitable pursuant to Sections VI.D. or E of CJD 04-08, the judicial district and the SCAO may publicly disclose only that the CFI is no longer suitable and the date of the determination.

Complaint & Suitability Log

For More Information

For questions about CFI appointments, please email Jaime Watman at 




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