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Home Administration Court Services Family Law Programs Child and Family Investigators
Child and Family Investigators

Courts may appoint Child and Family Investigators (CFIs) in cases involving parental responsibilities, including parenting time and decision-making, upon a party’s request or upon the court’s own initiative. The court order appointing a CFI states the CFI’s duties, or the scope of the CFI appointment. The CFI’s role is to investigate, report and make recommendations to the court, as directed in the order of appointment, regarding the best interests of the children. The CFI usually prepares a written report for the court and may testify during court hearings. Effective January 1, 2016, the Office of the State Court Administrator oversees all CFIs.

Filing a Complaint against a CFI

Click the button below titled CHILD AND FAMILY INVESTIGATOR COMPLAINT FORM to file a complaint.

Child and Family Investigator Complaint Form

Judicial District CFI Rosters


Current Judicial District CFI Rosters

Click on the above link to access the list of potential CFIs for your court.

The Judicial Branch does not certify or endorse CFIs. Parties should independently investigate CFI qualifications and suitability. Those listed on District CFI Rosters submitted a CFI affidavit, attended a mandatory CFI training, and passed a background check, as determined by the Office of the State Court Administrator. Judicial districts determine final eligibility for appointment of CFIs. CFIs should have no expectation of appointment.

Becoming a CFI

A CFI may be an attorney, mental health professional, or any other individual with appropriate training, qualifications, and an independent perspective acceptable to the court.

Step 1: Online CFI Affidavit. CFI affidavits will be accepted January 2-31, 2016. During that time only, this web page will include a link to the online CFI affidavit.

  Before beginning the online CFI affidavit, click here for a summary of information the affidavit requires and tips for completing it.

Step 2: Background Check. Following submission of a timely CFI affidavit, potential CFIs will receive a fingerprint card and instructions for the background check process.

Step 3: CFI Training. Based on a review of CFI affidavits, background check results, and district need for CFIs, prospective CFIs may be offered attendance of the tuition-free mandatory Colorado Judicial Branch CFI training April 18-22, 2016 in Denver, CO.  Only the Colorado Judicial Branch CFI training satisfies the mandatory training requirement.

CFIs added to the annually updated Statewide CFI Roster on July 1, 2016 may then accept CFI appointments in districts naming them on District Rosters.
Frequently Asked Questions

How many CFIs are on the Statewide Eligibility Roster? More than 250.

How many CFIs are listed on each District Roster? The number of CFIs on District Rosters ranges from 26 to 152.

What districts most need CFIs? Many rural districts have a CFI shortage.

What special skills are most needed? Few CFIs can communicate with families who speak languages other than English. This skill is helpful.

How many annual appointments do CFIs receive? CFIs should have no expectation of appointment. Based on a CFI 2014 survey, 27% of CFIs reported satisfaction with the volume of appointments received and 73% desired more appointments. CFIs reported the following volume of appointments:

# of Appointments Reported


2014 (January-June)
















20 or over



Renewal of CFI Eligibility

CFIs who completed the original or renewal CFI process in 2013 must submit renewal affidavits between March 1 and March 31, 2016.

CFIs added to the Statewide CFI Roster in 2014 must submit renewal affidavits between March 1 and March 31, 2017.

This web page will contain a link for access to the online renewal affidavit during March 2016 and March 2017 for CFIs with expiring eligibility.


Statute and Chief Justice Directives (CJDs):

§14-10-116.5, C.R.S. (Governs the appointment of CFIs)

CLICK HERE to Search for a Chief Justice Directive:
CJD 04-08
(CFI appointment, practice standards and complaint procedures)

CJD 04-05 (state paid CFIs)

Policies and Practice Guidelines:

Policies Governing Standard 6 of CJD 04-08

Practice Guideline Standard 8 - Use of Support Staff

For More Information

For questions about CFI appointments, please email Zana Molina at or Kara Martin at




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