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Court Appointed Counsel

Under both the United States and Colorado Constitutions, as well as state law, defendants and respondents in various criminal, delinquency, juvenile, and other matters are to be afforded due process in the courts, including the right to competent legal representation regardless of their financial ability.  Appointments of state-paid counsel are made under the policies and procedures set forth by the Chief Justice of the Colorado Supreme Court.  Four agencies are responsible for the payment of counsel and other professionals, and various court costs, pursuant to several Chief Justice Directive, which can be found using the links on the right.


State funds are appropriated to the Judicial Department to provide for representation in dependency and neglect cases and in certain other cases in which the party represented, or the party’s parent or legal guardian, is determined to be indigent.  These include:

  • The representation of parents in dependency and neglect proceedings.

  • The appointment of guardians ad litem and court visitors for impaired adults in all cases.

  • The appointment of non-attorney child and family investigators in the best interest of children.

  • The representation of juveniles in delinquency cases in which the parent or legal guardian refuses to retain counsel for the juvenile or  the court finds such representation is necessary to protect the interest of the juvenile or other parties involved in the case, and the juvenile does not qualify for representation by the Public Defender or the Office of Alternate Defense Counsel

  • Other appointments of counsel for indigent persons in the event that there is no statutory authority for any other agency to pay for or represent such persons.

State funds are also appropriated to the following three agencies:

  • Office of the Child's Representative - for the provision of guardians ad litem, attorney child and family investigators, and child’s representatives appointed on behalf of minors/children (under age 18).

  • Office of the Public Defender - for the representation of indigent persons in criminal and juvenile delinquency cases.

  • Office of the Alternate Defense Counsel - for the representation of indigent persons in criminal and juvenile delinquency cases in which the Public Defender declares a conflict of interest.

For additional information about these agencies, please use the links to Other Related Offices.

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W-9 for counsel paid by the Judicial Dept.

Chief Justice Directives

CJD's 12-03, 04-04, 04-05, 04-06

Other Related Offices:
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