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Home Home Administration Child and Family Investigator - Complaint Form
Home Home Administration Child and Family Investigator - Complaint Form
Child and Family Investigator - Complaint Form

Office of the State Court Administrator
Formal Complaint Form

If you believe a CFI has violated the Standards of Practice in Chief Justice Directive 04-08, you may click the button below to file a complaint. If your case is still pending, the investigation of your complaint may be deferred or you may be asked to refile after  your court case is resolved . The CFI complaint process will not result in changes to court orders. This complaint process does not apply to Parental Responsibility Evaluators, who are not regulated by the Office of the State Court Administrator. Complaints must be brought within one year after termination of the CFI appointment.

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A copy of this complaint will be sent to the State Court Administrator's Office and the District Administrator for the judicial district that your case was handled in. The District Administrator will contact you concerning the status and processing of your complaint within 60 days of receiving your complaint.

Please ensure the information above is correct. You will not be able to return to this screen.
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