Evictions (FED) Forms

A Forcible Entry & Detainer/Eviction is a process of restoring possession of premises (rental) to the rightful owner. For example, if a tenant fails to pay rent when due, or violates conditions contained in the lease, the owner of the property may be able to obtain a court order for eviction.

This page will help you learn about the rules & laws in Colorado in the area of Forcible Entry & Detainer/Eviction (FED), case filing form & fee requirements, available services in Colorado and common legal terms.

Please read the instructions below (JDF 100), before completing any forms. The instructions provide a step-by-step approach to assist you with completing the necessary forms. All forms are available in WORD, WORD - Template or Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. The forms in PDF or WORD template can be completed online & then printed.

We are in the process of translating many of our forms in Spanish. You may find that some Instructions and Forms, for example Adoption, Adult and Minor Name Change, etc., are not translated at this time. All forms must be completed in English pursuant to Colorado law, see §13-1-120, C.R.S.
Sections with Spanish Forms
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Instructions: Revision
JDF 100 Instructions for Forcible Entry and Detainer (FED) / Evictions     Word Version of JDF 100 PDF Version of JDF 100 R07/13
Form #: Form Name: Revision
CRCCP 1A Summons in Forcible Entry & Unlawful Detainer     Word Version of CRCCP 1A PDF Version of CRCCP 1A R07/12
CRCCP 3 Answer Under Simplified Civil Procedure   Word Template Version of CRCCP 3 Word Version of CRCCP 3 PDF Version of CRCCP 3 R10/13
JDF 91 Motion for Entry of Judgment on Stipulation   Word Template Version of JDF   91 Word Version of JDF   91 PDF Version of JDF   91 R12/13
JDF 97 Notice to Quit     Word Version of JDF   97 PDF Version of JDF   97 R07/12
JDF 98 Affidavit of Service   Word Template Version of JDF   98 Word Version of JDF   98 PDF Version of JDF   98 R10/13
JDF 99 Complaint in Forcible Entry and Detainer     Word Version of JDF   99 PDF Version of JDF   99 R07/12
JDF 101 Demand for Compliance or Right to Possession Notice   Word Template Version of JDF  101 Word Version of JDF  101 PDF Version of JDF  101  05/02
JDF 102 Stipulation in Forcible Entry & Detainer (FED) Eviction     Word Version of JDF  102 PDF Version of JDF  102 R04/07
JDF 103 Writ of Restitution     Word Version of JDF  103 PDF Version of JDF  103 R07/12
JDF 104 Motion for Entry of Judgment   Word Template Version of JDF  104 Word Version of JDF  104 PDF Version of JDF  104 R10/13
JDF 106 Order re: Stipulation   Word Template Version of JDF  106 Word Version of JDF  106 PDF Version of JDF  106 R09/08
JDF 107 Order for Entry of Judgment with Issuance of Interrogatories     Word Version of JDF  107 PDF Version of JDF  107 R01/12
JDF 109 Affidavit to Support Claim for a Breach of the Warranty of Habitability   Word Template Version of JDF  109 Word Version of JDF  109 PDF Version of JDF  109 R10/13
If you would like to provide comments about this site, please contact us. Please note - By law, we cannot provide legal advice. Should you need additional assistance or forms that are not provided on this site, you may wish to consult an attorney.

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