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Self Help Resources

SELF-HELP CENTERS Each judicial district has a Self-Help Center that is staffed by Self-Represented Litigant Coordinators commonly refered to as "Sherlocks". The Statewide List of Sherlocks  provides the address and also contact information for the Self-Represented Litigant Coordinator (Sherlock) for every county in the state of  Colorado.
CHIEF JUSTICE DIRECTIVE 13-01 provides information on what a Sherlock can and cannot do.

COLORADO LEGAL HELP CENTER connecting Colorado’s unrepresented litigants to legal information, practical resources, and contact information for assistance with legal issues.

CHIEF JUSTICE DIRECTIVES This index includes all directives currently in effect, from the directive consolidation on Jan. 1, 1985, through the current date. The index references those directives that were amended, replaced, or repealed.

COLORADO REVISED STATUTES This website is maintained by LexisNexis®, the publisher of the Colorado Revised Statutes, to provide free public access to the law.


DOMESTIC INFORMATION This section contains information in the area of Divorce, Family Matters and Civil Unions.

NEW FAMILIES NEW FUTURES has a series of short videos that include: 1)  Meet the Professionals 2)  the Legal Process and Paperwork and 3) Parenting Plan Overview. They provide helpful information on the divorce process.    



HOMEOWNERS GUIDE TO HOA MEDIATION This section contains information on topics such as Neighbor/Neighbor Disputes, Alleged Violation of Covenants, HOA Fee Disputes, Board/Homeowner Conflict, Board’s Failure to Follow Governing Documents.


LEGAL CLINICS There are many free and or otherwise very low-cost legal clinics available in Denver and throughout Colorado for Colorado residents. Some of the clinics offer one-on-one attention, others are more lecture or group oriented. Many are available in Spanish, or otherwise have translators available at the clinic. Please read through the information about each clinic and decide if it would be right for you.

LEGAL RESOURCES This section includes information for the Colorado Courts E-Filing System, Agencies in the Legal Community, Office of Attorney Regulation and Other Cout Related Entities. There are also Helpful Links for the Governor, Legislature, Attorney General, Colorado Courthouse Security, Secretary of State, Colorado District Attorneys Council and Colorado Financial Transparency.


CBI CRIMINAL HISTORY from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation

FBI CRIMINAL HISTORY BACKGROUND CHECK from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

TRAILS INDIVIDUAL INQUIRY FORM from the Department of Human Services including the form and the fee.  


COLORADO BAR ASSOCIATION FIND A LAWYER section can help you locate a Colorado attorney. You can also sort by the type of law in the area where you are needing help and if the attorney offers alternate fee arrangements.

COLORADO LEGAL SERVICES  for low-income Coloradans seeking legal assistance and Colorado legal advocates.

TOWARDS JUSTICE helps by connecting workers to appropriate legal resources, and educating workers about legal resources in the community, including (a) private lawyers, (b) pro bono attorneys, (c) non-profit legal service providers, and (d) government agencies.




Contempt - How to File a Motion

 Evidence - What it is and How the Court Accepts it  
What is Evidence? Why are there Rules for Evidence?

Evidence - Specific to Family Law or Domestic Relations Cases
Information about: voice mails, videos, texts, e-mails, social media posts.

Evidence - Other Types
Statements by others, lay witnesses, character evidence, etc.

Modification of Domestic Relation Orders
Watch this bilingual video resource to learn more about requesting changes to existing parental court orders.

Sealing Court Records in Colorado
What does it mean to Seal my Record?

Smalls Claims Case in Colorado
These six short videos will walk you through the smalls claims process.                                                                                                                    

Dependency & Neglect Advisement Video and separate Instructions.




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