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Home Courts By County Denver County Jury Information Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse (Criminal Matters)
Home Courts By County Denver County Jury Information Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse (Criminal Matters)
Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse (Criminal Matters)
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Reporting Schedule



Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse Jury Reporting Schedule

New information will be available after 5PM the business day PRIOR to your reporting date

Reporting Instructions: Locate the DATE AND TIME you were summoned to appear on the table below to find the status of your juror number. If your juror number falls within the range of numbers under the heading "Juror Numbers to Report," then you must report to the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse, located at 520 W Colfax Ave., Room 100, before the reporting time listed on your summons.

If your juror number is NOT listed, you DO NOT need to report and you are excused for the remainder of this calendar year. (Note: If your reporting date does not appear, the reporting range displayed does not apply to you. Please check back with us after 5:00 p.m. the business day prior to your reporting date.) You may also follow the instructions given in the blue shaded portion of your summons.

*Note that reporting times vary -- 8:00 am or 10:00 am (see your summons for your specific time). 

  • For those summoned to appear on a Monday or Tuesday at 8:00 am only, the doors will open at 7:00 a.m., and you must arrive 30-60 minutes early to be checked in on time.
  • For those summoned to appear at 10:00 am on Tuesday, please arrive 30 minutes early to be checked in on time.
  • For those summoned to appear at 8:00 am on Wednesday - Friday, please arrive 30 minutes early to be checked in on time.


**Failure to appear may result in fines, fees and/or imprisonment. Be sure to check again right before you report, either by calling the jury information line (720-337-0600 and press 2) or through this web page.


*******Parking is VERY LIMITED downtown. You must pay for ALL DAY parking and DO NOT park at a meter. In the alternative, we strongly suggest using RTD.*******



All persons and belongings are subject to search, so plan accordingly. Arrive 30-60 minutes before your reporting time to allow extra time for security screening (this is an estimate – wait times vary day to day). Please pack light and only bring items that you need to get through the day – the more you bring with you, the longer the screening process will take.


In case of court closure due to inclement weather, and if this page has not been updated, please call the information line at 720-337-0600 and press 2 for instructions.



  • Please plan ahead and arrive 30-60 minutes before your reporting time.
  • Expect a significant wait to enter the building, much like the airport, as the lines will be long due to important security screening measures and ongoing facility repairs. You must be in the building and checked in before your specified reporting time.
  • Please also complete your questionnaire and bring it with you.
  • The reporting time is listed on your summons as either 8:00 am or 10:00 am -- please refer to the pink box inside your summons to locate your scheduled reporting time.
    • Only the number range listed under your specified reporting time applies.



Juror Numbers to Report Before:

8:00 AM

Juror Numbers to Report Before:

10:00 AM


September 23, 2019

146 - 5291



September 24, 2019




September 25, 2019




September 26, 2019







This page was last updated on 9/20/19 at 3:00 PM

Reporting Location
520 West Colfax Avenue, Room 135 (Clerk's Office), Room 100 (Jury)
Denver CO 80204

Jury Line: 720-337-0600
Jury Fax: 720-337-0603

Picture for Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse (Criminal Matters)
Jury Commissioner
J Evan Venrick
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