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2nd Judicial District / Denver County

***The Denver District Court Self-Help Center will be offering "Ask a Lawyer" sessions for divorce and custody/allocation of parental responsibilities cases every 4th Thursday of the month from 11:00am to 1:00pm. These are walk-in sessions provided on a first-come, first-served basis, and will last approximately 15 minutes per person. If interested, please check-in in Room 281 at the main counter.***

2nd Judicial District / Denver County

Unlike all other judicial districts in Colorado the Second Judicial District does not have a combined court. Denver has separate courts, meaning different case types are filed in different courts. Denver Courts are located in both the City and County Building and the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse. The Denver District Court (civil and domestic matters), County Court (civil matters), Probate Court and Traffic Court are all located in the City and County Building. The Denver Criminal Court (district and county) and Denver Juvenile Court can be found in the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse.

District Court

The District Court handles the following types of cases: civil, including dissolution of marriage and allocation of parental responsibilities cases. District Court also handles protection orders when the issues arise between the parties in a dissolution of marriage (divorce) or allocation of parental responsibilities (custody) case.

County Court

The Civil Division of the County Court handles the following types of cases: evictions, name changes, replevins and foreign judgments, protection orders, and money suits in which the claim does NOT exceed $15,000.00.

County Court also handles traffic violations and some criminal cases (municipal ordinance violations, petty offenses, and misdemeanors).

For additional information about Denver County Court please visit their website.

Probate Court

The Denver Probate Court handles the following types of cases: all matters of probate, settlements of estates of deceased persons, appointment of guardians, conservators and administrators, and settlement of their accounts, and the adjudication of the mentally ill.

For additional information about Denver Probate Court please visit their website.

Juvenile Court

The Denver Juvenile Court handles the following types of cases: paternity, adoptions, child support, grandparent visitation, expungements, dependency and neglect, truancy, and delinquency cases. Litigants may also file to have custody issues addressed in the Juvenile Court if there is a pre-existing child support or paternity case.

For additional information about Denver Juvenile Court please visit their website.

Colorado Supreme Court & Court of Appeals

The Colorado Court of Appeals has initial jurisdiction, with exceptions, over appeals from the Colorado District Courts, Denver Probate Court, and Denver Juvenile Court. In addition, the Court of Appeals has specific appellate jurisdiction over decisions originating from a number of state administrative boards and agencies, including the Industrial Claim Appeals Office. Reviews of the Court of Appeals’ decisions are directed to the Colorado Supreme Court.

The Colorado Supreme Court & Court of Appeals are located at: 2 East 14th Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80203.

For more information about the Colorado Court of Appeals, please visit their website.

For more information about the Colorado Supreme Court, please visit their website.


Free Childcare during Court Business

Free child care is available for children between the ages of 6 months and 12 years at the Denver Warm Welcome Court Child Care Center, located at 520 West Colfax Avenue, Room 1F, Denver, Colorado 80202. Please do not bring your children with you to Court or the Pro Se Center as we strive to maintain a quiet environment for litigants to conduct business.

For more information, please call 720-865-9930.


Pro Se/Self-Help Center Information

If you have a family law case (DR case numbers) and don’t have an attorney; or would like to seal a criminal record and you don’t have an attorney, click here for more information.

*For other case types, please click here to find the appropriate center to assist you.

Records Requests

To request documents from a case file click here.  Otherwise, documents from a Denver District Court Case may be obtained by going to the Records Department in person at 1437 Bannock Street, Room 38, Denver, CO 80202.



CV E-File Mandate

Courier Services Record Request Information

Information Regarding Related Cases

Picture of Denver City & County Bldg (Civil Matters)
Denver City & County Bldg (Civil Matters)
1437 Bannock Street
Room 256 (Clerk's Office) Room 431 (Jury)
Denver, CO 80202


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Picture of Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse (Criminal Matters)
Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse (Criminal Matters)
520 West Colfax Avenue
Room 135 (Clerk's Office), Room 100 (Jury)
Denver, CO 80204


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Special Announcements

New Security Screening Procedures: Effective immediately, the security screening stations will be open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Mondays and Tuesdays at the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse. Security screening will continue to be open Wednesday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.  A security screening line has been dedicated for attorneys presenting attorney registration cards, and for members of the public who are not bringing briefcases, bags, backpacks, etc. into the courthouse.

Amended CJO 15-01 Regarding Activities at the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse

Congressional Redistricting: Information for potential intervenors or amici in 11CV3461 (Moreno et al. v. Gessler)

DR Mandatory Order

2017 Denver District Court Assignments

Criminal Mandatory E-Filing Order

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