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Home Self Help Criminal AppealDetailed Instructions
Home Self Help Criminal AppealDetailed Instructions
Criminal Appeal Detailed Instructions

Misdemeanor Criminal Appeals

Criminal Appeal Information

An appeal is a request for a higher court to review a lower court's decision. When you start a county court criminal appeal you are asking the district court to look at the decision that the judge made in your county court criminal case.

The district court judge will look at the paperwork in your county court criminal case and any transcripts from the case. A new trial is not part of the appeals process. You cannot give the court new evidence or subpoena witnesses.


Felmony Criminal Appeals

If you are appealing a criminal case that was in the district court do not use these directions. Visit the Court of Appeals forms and instructions pages.


Misdemeanor Appeal Process

Begin your county court criminal appeal in the county court where your original criminal case was started. To look for a list of county courts visit the court locator tool.

Look at Criminal Rule 37 for more information.





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