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Home Jury By District 8th Judicial District Larimer County Justice Center
Larimer County Justice Center
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Reporting Schedule

Locate the date you were summoned to appear on the table below to find the status of the trial. If your number appears in the “DO NOT REPORT” column then you do not have to appear and your service is over for the calendar year. If your number appears in the “report” column, this means that the trial is still scheduled and you MUST CALL the jury office at the designated call-in time listed on your summons to receive the most up to date information and find out what time to check in.



Do Not Report

December 5, 2016

2316, 3188, 3213, and

3599 through and including 3899

3900 through and including 4098
December 6, 2016

1663, 2604, and

4099 through and including 4220

4221 through and including 4228
December 7, 2016   ALL JURORS
December 8, 2016   ALL JURORS
December 12, 2016


December 13, 2016   ALL JURORS
December 14, 2016

3069, 3861, 4294 AND

4634 through and including 4680

4681 through and including 4767
December 19, 2016

3164, 3460, 3624, 3962, 4646 and

4757 through and including 4945

4946 through and including 5244
December 20, 2016   ALL JURORS
January 3, 2017 All Jurors  
January 4, 2017 All Jurors  
January 9, 2017 All Jurors  
January 10, 2017 All Jurors  
January 11, 2017 All Jurors  
January 12, 2017 All Jurors  
January 17, 2017 All Jurors  
January 18, 2017 All Jurors  
January 23, 2017 All Jurors  
January 24, 2017 All Jurors  
January 25, 2017 All Jurors  

POSTPONEMENT INFORMATION: If you will not be available the day you have been summoned due to a prior commitment, or a business, vacation or school conflict, you will need to request a postponement.  To apply for a postponement click on the postponement tab above.  You will need to list some alternate dates that you will be available within the next 6 months. Jury trials begin on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Do not request a postponement to a Thursday or Friday. 

Postponements must be received by noon the Wednesday prior to your appearance. Postponements can be granted only once. All requests are processed soon after they are received, but please allow 3 business days for a reply. You will be notified by e-mail if your request is granted and you will be given your future date so that you can plan for it. Please make sure the email address you list is typed correctly!

 DISQUALIFICATON INFORMATION: Disqualifications are granted only if you do not meet the qualifications listed on the jury summons.   There are no disqualifications allowed due to employment issues, occupation, school, childcare issues, religious beliefs or felony convictions. Persons requesting disqualification for any of these reasons will need to appear as summoned and requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis, based on the answers under oath of the individual during the jury selection. All requests are processed soon after they are received, but please allow 3 business days for a reply. You will be notified by e-mail when your request has been processed.

 If you do not meet one of the juror qualifications you can apply for a disqualification. To apply for a disqualification click on the Disqualification tab above.  A doctor's note is required for ALL medical disqualifications regardless of the Juror's age. Jurors requesting medical disqualifications may have their doctor fax a note directly to this office with out filling out the disqualification form.The juror’s name, appearance date and juror number must be legibly printed on the fax. All doctor statements must state the duration of the excuse.

Nursing Parents can be disqualified when a medical statement is provided. The Statement can be from a medical professional such as a doctor, a lactation professional, a nurse, or physician’s assistant. The medical statement must be on official letterhead and can be sent to our fax number at 970-494-3599

Reporting Location
201 La Porte Ave, Suite 100
Ft. Collins CO 80521

Jury Line: 970-494-3555
Jury Fax: 970-494-3599
Note: list your e-mail on the FAX for a reply back

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Jury Commissioner
Lori Johnson
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