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Home Courts By District 21st Judicial District Court Business Resources
Home Courts By District 21st Judicial District Court Business Resources
21st Judicial District / Mesa County Court Business Resources

WEDDINGS:  For information on judicial officers who perform weddings, click here.

COPIES AND RESEARCH:  For information on obtaining copies of court documents, click here.

TRANSCRIPTS:  For information about how to obtain a transcript of a court hearing, click here

FREQUENTLY REQUESTED NUMBERS:  For a list of frequently requested numbers and addresses, click here.

ADMIN ORDERS:  For a list of local administrative orders, is coming soon 

MEDIATORS:  For a list of Mediators for all case types, click here.  If you want specific information regarding the Mediators fee schedule, hours and experience, please go to the Mesa County Clerk's Office at 125 North Spruce St.

SELF REPRESENTED LITIGANTS IN DOMESTIC RELATIONS CASES: Beginning June 1, 2021 self represented litigants, parties without attorneys, may utilize electronic filing. click here. Only named parties to a case are eligible to e-file. PLEASE NOTE: requests to waive fees cannot be made through the e-file system at this time, indigent parties will need to continue filing paper documents at the clerk's office in the courthouse.

FREE LEGAL CLINICS: For information about attending free legal clinics for Judgment collection, Divorce or Custody issues, Sealing Records, Small Claims and Estate Planning click here.

For information regarding Divorce without Minor children click here

Pro bono virtual clinic for civil legal issues, family law, property law, probate law, collections.,appeals, landlord tenent issues, veterans benefits and civil protection orders is currently suspended however an in person clinic regarding family law click here for parties that nave no attorney.


PARENTING CLASSES:   For on-line registration for court ordered parenting classes choose one of the following: CASA or Behavioral Health / Parent Universities.


The 21st Judicial District is continuing to offer the option for parties to file documents via email.  Beginning June 1, 2021 domestic relations cases will not be accepted in this mailbox. Please click here if you wish to file in a domestic relations case:

You may submit your document via e-mail to: 


Please note the guidelines below.  If you have questions, you can contact the Clerk’s Office at (970) 257-3640 during regular business hours.

Guidelines for Pro-Se e-mailed documents:

  1. Document must be legible and complete

  2. Document must be signed

  3. Document must have case number (if filing into an existing case)

  4. Document should be PDF or Word format – no photos of documents

  5. ID included where required

Documents that do not meet the above criteria will be rejected 

Do not send JPG files,  photos or screen shots as this will be rejected. 

Document is not considered “filed” until you receive a response stating it has been sent to the data entry desk.  At this point you may be contacted to correct your submission or the document will be processed accordingly. 


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