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Home Courts By District 12th Judicial District Chief Judge Administrative Orders
Home Courts By District 12th Judicial District Chief Judge Administrative Orders
Chief Judge Administrative Orders
Number Last Updated Subject
2020-05 05/13/2020 Order Authorizing the Temporary Waiver of Certain FY20 Probation Standards Due to Public Health Concerns Related to COVID-19
2020-04 03/30/2020 Order RE: Authorization for Water Rights Applicants to use Verified Signatures (via this form) in Water Division 3 through April 30, 2020
2020-03 05/11/2020 Order RE COVID-19 - Addressing Matters set Through July 5, 2020
2020-02 03/16/2020 Order Authorizing Release of Juror for Health Reasons
2020-01 01/10/2020 Order: Civility in the Courts of the 12th Judicial District
19-01 01/01/20 Order: Process for Extreme Risk Protection Orders
18-03 11/18/18 Order: Concerning the E-filing Documents Presented to the Court for In Camera Review
18-02 06/29/18 Order: Authorizing the Reuse of Jurors in Costilla County


04/17/18 Order: Alamosa School District to Provide Educational Services to Juveniles Detained at Rite of Passage - Sage Youth Center (Repealed 1/14/2020; the Sage Youth Center is closed)
17-02 04/16/18 Order: Safeguarding, Retention and Disposal of Physical/Tangible Exhibits and Demonstrative Evidence
17-01 01/31/17 Order: Mandatory E-filing
16-07 10/04/16 Order: Youthtrack is Authorized To Transport Detained Youth In Certain Circumstances (Repealed 1/14/2020; the Sage Youth Center is closed)
16-06 08/18/16 Order re: Process when a Courthouse or A Probation Office must be Closed on an Emergency basis.
16-05 01/31/17 Order: Mandatory E-Filing in Criminal, Traffic, Misdemeanor and Juvenile Delinquency Cases (Superseded by CJAO 17-01)
16-04 03/03/16 Order RE: The Use of Detention in Truancy Cases and Adopting a Truancy Protocol
16-03 02/02/16 Delegation of Administrative Authority to the Chief Probation Officer
16-02 02/02/16 Delegation of Administrative Authority to the District Administrator
16-01 02/02/16 Delegation of Custodial Authority Over Administrative Records
15-04 12/17/15 Order Appointing SB94 Screeners
15-03 08/03/15 Order Entry of Protection Orders In All Adult title 18 Cases and All Juvenile Delinquency Cases
15-02 06/23/15 Order Public Access to Exhibits Offered or Admitted During Trials and Hearings
15-01 04/09/15 Order Use of Physical Restraints on Juvenile Defendants
14-03 01/31/17 Order Concerning the Electronic Filing of Exhibits (Superseded by CJAO 17-01)
14-02 01/14/2020 Order Appointing Acting District and County Judges
14-01 01/28/14 Order Appointing Acting District Judge for Certain Cases Involving Juveniles (Repealed 1/14/2020)
13-03 08/01/13 Order Regarding Firearms and Other Deadly Weapons 
13-02 01/13/2020 Order Regarding On-Call Judge and Electronic Warrants
13-01 06/03/13 Order Adopting a Workplace Dress Code
12-05 12/20/12 Order Regarding Appointment of Judicial Assistants & Authority in All Counties of District
12-04 10/30/18 Order Regarding Elections Coverage
12-03 06/26/12 Order Prohibiting Smoking at the Alamosa County Courthouse Facility
12-01 09/08/16 Order Appointing County Judge Acting District Judge for All Domestic Relations Cases
11-05 11/07/16 Order for Case Management for Probate Matters for the Twelfth Judicial District
11-04 09/09/11 Order Regarding Court Work Hours
11-03 02/03/17 Pretrial Services Community Advisory Board
11-02 05/17/11 Use of Freelance Reporters in Civil Cases
10-01 08/16/10 Regarding Cell Phones and PDAs in Courtrooms and for Jurors
09-03 10/21/09 Service by E-Mail in Dependency and Neglect Cases
09-02 04/10/09 Cash Bonds Posted by Defendant May Be Applied to Outstanding Fine & Costs (Repealed by SB 19-191, Section 2, as codified at 16-4-111(1)(b)(I))
09-01 04/10/09 Tickets Not Filed Timely
07-03 01/31/17 Mandatory E-Filing Domestic Relations Cases (Superseded by CJAO 17-01)
07-02 08/20/07 Delegation of Authority to Jury Commissioner to Reschedule and Excuse Jurors
07-01 03/05/2020 Concerning the Drug Offender Treatment Board
06-04 12/04/06 Concerning Unsupervised Probation in Victims' Rights Cases
06-03 01/31/17 Mandatory E-Filing of Civil Money and FED Cases in County Courts (Superseded by CJAO 17-01)
06-02 08/31/06 Regarding the Management of the Juvenile Detention Population
06-01 11/1/18 Regarding Dependency & Neglect Procedure
05-06 12/31/19 Access to Recordings of Court Proceedings
05-05 01/31/17 Prohibited Public Access to Court Documents & Materials Regarding All Probate Matters - Repealed 10-5-16
05-03 01/10/2020 Appointment of Probate Registrars
05-02 01/31/17 Mandatory E-Filing Water Division 3 (Superseded by CJAO 17-01)
05-01 01/31/17 Mandatory E-Filing District Court Probate Cases (Superseded by CJAO 17-01)
04-01 01/31/17 Order: Mandatory E-Filing District Court Civil Cases (Superseded by CJAO 17-01)
04-02 02/08/11 Case Type Reporting Priority
03-09 01/09/17 Use of Electronic Recording Devices
03-08 11/17/03 Appointment of District Court Magistrate (Superseded by CJAO 12-01)
03-07 09/01/03 Jury Commissioner
03-06 08/27/03 Fax Filings
03-02 06/20/02 Granting of An Attorney Withdrawal
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