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Home Courts By County Jefferson County Divorce and Family Matters
Home Courts By County Jefferson County Divorce and Family Matters
Divorce and Family Matters


Do you qualify for a simplified divorce?

  • No children together under the age of 19
  • Both parties are in full agreement
  • Assets combined under $6000
  • Debts combined under $6000
  • Comparable incomes


If not....See below


Starting a divorce/legal separation case  

   Divorce/Legal Separation NO children (instructions)                               Peticion de Divorcio sin Hijos.

   Divorce/Legal Separation with children (instructions)                              Peticion de Divorcion con Hijos.


Starting a Parental Responsibilities case (APR)

 APR - custody for parents never married (instructions)                              Peticion de asignacion de obligaciones de los padres.


Pilot Project Forms (For use in Jefferson County Only) 

The forms listed below are part of a plain language pilot project in Jefferson County.  If you do not see a required form that is listed in the instructions above, they can be found here.  These forms will print out with a watermark.  

Fee Waiver Application (optional)

Case Information Sheet

Petition for Divorce or Legal Separation

Petition for Parental Responsibilities (never married - custody)

Property and Financial Agreement (divorce or legal separation cases only - also known as Separation Agreement)

Parenting Plan

How to serve the other person in a divorce or legal separation case

*  What can I do if I can't find the other person to serve?  Motion for Other Types of Service and Required Order


How do I change my current orders (parenting time and/or decision making)?

Request and Affidavit to Change/Restrict Parenting Time

Request and Affidavit to Change Decision Making (can also be used for a stipulation)


Local Miscellaneous Forms



  •  How to Start your Own Divorce/APR (Custody) Case
  • "Ask an Attorney" sessions




   Filing a Contempt Motion

   New Families, New Future, Divorce and Child Custody



  Domestic Violence Programs in Colorado

If you are a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking Family Tree (303) 271-6559 may be able to help you fill out the paperwork for a protection order. Their office is located in room 1070 on the first floor of the Jefferson County Courthouse. 

  Mediation for Family Law Cases

  Parenting Classes

  Talking Parents   A FREE replacement for email, text, and all other electronic messages between parents.  


Child and Family Investigator (CFI) Information

  Colorado CFI Requirements



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