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Home Jury By District 18th Judicial District Douglas County Courthouse
Home Jury By District 18th Judicial District Douglas County Courthouse
Douglas County Courthouse
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Reporting Schedule

Report Date Listed Below


The numbers listed below are only for the report date listed to the left.  If your number is listed in the column below you MUST appear for jury duty.   


The numbers listed below are only for the report date listed to the left.   If your number is listed in the column below you do NOT need to  appear for jury duty.  






Check back after 4:00pm on 5/27/16 for reporting time and instructions.


















JURORS with JUROR NUMBERS  thru  are to report at  am.

Please report to the Douglas County Justice Center at 4000 Justice Way in Castle Rock.  Complete your juror questionnaire and bring the entire juror summons with you.  You must be prepared to stay until 5pm.

The average District Court trial lasts 3 to 4 days and the average County Court trial is 2 days.  We will not know what type trial you are assigned to until you appear.  It  is too late to postpone unless it is an emergency.   All postponement requests must be submitted a minimum of 5 business days prior to your report date.  The Justice Center does have a Coffee Shop & Deli. Do NOT wear perfume or aftershave as some people are allergic.  Children may not attend jury duty.  Anyone in a uniformed position, please do not wear your uniform when appearing for jury duty. Thank you

Jurors with juror numbers  thru  will NOT need to appear.   You have completed your jury service for the current calendar year.  Thank you.


Reporting Location
4000 Justice Way Ste. 2009
Castle Rock CO 80109

Jury Line: 303-675-6805
Jury Fax: 303-663-9333
Note: Hours 7:30am - 4:00pm

Picture for Douglas County Courthouse
Jury Commissioner
Carla Boothe & Jean Nightingale
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