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Fremont Combined Court
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Reporting Schedule

All requests for postponements MUST be made 5 days prior to reporting date.   If the trial is Dismissed, you are released from service for the remaining calendar year, with our appreciation.

The Court has implemented extensive cleaning and disinfecting practices during all phases of the jury process.   If you or members of your household are in the population vulnerable to Covid-19 and wish to reschedule your jury service please complete a postponement request with a comment about Covid-19.   If you have a cough or fever please call the jury commissioner to reschedule your jury summons date.

LAST UPDATED: May 6, 2021    This list is updated after 5:00 PM the night prior to the appearance date         

                                                                    MAY JURY CALLS

 May 4, 2021

 Jurors 4408 through 4527   REPORT at 8:15 AM

 Jurors 4531 through 4602   REPORT at 1:15 PM

 May 5, 2021

 Jurors 4603 through 4796   REPORT at 8:15 AM

  1:15 PM Jurors have been DISMISSED  

 May 6, 2021  Jurors 5488 through 5563  REPORT at 8:15 AM
 May 12, 2021  Pending
 May 13, 2021  Pending
 May 17, 2021  Pending
 May 18, 2021  Pending
 May 19, 2021  Pending
 May 20, 2021  Pending
 May 26, 2021  Pending


Reporting Location
136 Justice Center Rd
Canon City CO 81212

Jury Line: 719-204-2238
Jury Fax: 719-204-2275

Picture for Fremont Combined Court
Jury Commissioner
Debbie O'Rourke
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