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1.  Fee Waiver Resources


What are the fees?

JDF 1 - Filing Fees

Who qualifies for a fee waiver?

Court Directive 98-01 (See pg. 6)

How do I waive mediation fees?


Common Questions

Can I E-File if I have a fee waiver?

Only when responding to an Eviction Case.

Otherwise, you'll need to paper file with the court.  


2.  What Form do I Use?


To qualify, you must receive certain public benefits or your household must be below 125% of the poverty line.


For those in Jail or Prison



JDF 1 - Court Filing Fees and Costs Download PDF Revised 08/23 JDF 201 - Inmate Motion Requesting to File Without Prepayment of Filing/Service Fees Download PDF Download Word Document Revised 04/18 JDF 202 - Finding and Order Concerning Inmate Motion Download PDF Download Word Document Revised 08/13 JDF 203 - Certification of Determination of Indigency Download PDF Download Word Document Revised 02/18 JDF 205 - Motion to Waive Fees Download PDF Revised 04/24 JDF 206 - Order re Court Fees Download PDF Revised 01/24 JDF 211 - Application for Reduced Fees (mediation) Download PDF Revised 01/24

Self-Help Resources
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