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Home Courts By District 3rd Judicial District Where can I get Legal Assistance?
Home Courts By District 3rd Judicial District Where can I get Legal Assistance?
Where can I get Legal Assistance?


Legal Representation:

To find an attorney to represent you in your case:


Legal Advice:

To discuss your case with an attorney or volunteer attorney:


Legal Information:

To help you understand what you need to know to take action in your case:

To find Statutes:


What is the difference?


Legal Representation: You hire an attorney to represent you in your specific case. He/she will decide with you on the best strategy in your specific situation. He/she can represent you inside and outside the Courtroom. Your attorney will write, speak, and negotiate on your behalf.

Legal Advice: You consult with a lawyer or attorney. This lawyer will analyze your specific situation. He/she will give you advice on your best options and actions you can take. You decide what you do with this advice. You will speak and write for yourself, supported by this advice.

Legal information: You find legal information from an online resource or receive it from self-help personel at the Court. The information is general and impartial for all people with a similar case. You will have to decide what is most relevant and important for your specific situation. You will write, speak, and negotiate for yourself.

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