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3rd Judicial District

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Changes in Court Operations starting on July 6, 2020:

• At the discretion of the presiding judicial officer, court proceedings, except for jury trials, may now be conducted in person for non-essential judicial functions so long as the number of people present in the galley of the courtroom allow for a minimum of 6 feet social distancing.

• The probation department will be open.

 • All persons entering the courthouses will be required to conform to the rules set forth by the Las Animas and Huerfano County Commissioners for entry into the building. See below under Limitations on Entry to Facilities.

• Furthermore, until mofified by Order of the Chief Justice, whereever reasonably feasible, judicial proceedings regardless of their nature should continue to be conducted remotely. the courts in tehe 3rd Judicial District are prepared to conduct all criminal cases in person; however, each judicial officer encourages all counsel to requests WebEx hearings.

• Jury trials for all courts will be suspended for the month of July, per directive of the Chief Justice dated June 15, 2020.

Court operations until July 6, 2020
5-6-2020 - Notice Regarding COVID-19 and Court and Probation Operations

The Court and Probation Offices will remain open but, in the interest of public safety, court and probation operations will be limited to in person hearings for essential emergency public safety matters only. Notices will be sent in cases that are rescheduled.

Probation reporting:

Probation officers continue meeting with clients as needed. If you are scheduled to meet with the Probation Department and you haven’t heard from us, please call your probation officer directly.

Public safety matters include:

  1. Preliminary hearings unless Counsel contacts the Court to continue and to waive any time frames.
  2. All criminal motions hearings that are set for trial unless Counsel contacts the Court to continue and to waive any time frames to include jury trials which are already set.
  3. All temporary or permanent protection order hearings to include TRPO and ERPO.
  4. All Criminal Procedure Rule 5 advisement for incarcerated persons and the initial setting of bail.
  5. Revocation hearings on complaints to revoke probation involving an incarcerated defendant;
  6. Proceedings necessary to protect the constitutional rights of criminal defendants including bond-related matters and plea agreements for incarcerated individuals.
  7. Detention hearings for juvenile delinquency cases.
  8. Emergency shelter hearings in Dependency and Neglect matters.
  9. Petitions for appointment of an emergency guardian and/or special conservator
  10. Hearings on motions to restrict parenting time and parental abduction prevention and other Emergency Domestic Relations cases.
  11. Emergency mental health proceedings.  
  12. Any other operations or matters that in the discretion the Chief Judge are deemed necessary to prevent a risk of  imminent financial hardship or imminent risk to the health, safety or welfare of any individual or the community at large, which shall be determined by the Chief Judge on a case-by-case basis after consideration of the circumstances existing for a particular case.
Limitations on Entry to Facilities:

1. Persons who meet any of the following criteria are PROHIBITED from entering either courthouse and instead should call the court to reschedule their court date, request to appear by phone, or receive further instructions:

  • Anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 and that does not have written verification that the person has received a subsequent test confirming that person is currently virus-free;
  • Anyone who has been in direct contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 within the preceding fourteen days;
  • Anyone experiencing a fever, cough, shortness of breath, any other respiratory illness or flu-like symptoms
  • Anyone who screens in with temperature above 100.3 degrees, if testing is done at security.

2. If any of these three criteria apply, please call the appropriate Clerk’s Office to reschedule your court date or request to appear by telephone if you are not represented by an attorney or contact your attorney to file a request for a continuance or a telephone appearance. If you are subpoenaed as a witness in a case, please contact the attorney or party issuing the subpoena to explain the circumstances and discuss the options:

  • Walsenburg – (719) 738-1040
  • Trinidad – (719) 846-3316

Until further notice, the court is complying with local health department guildelines that staff and all persons entering the courthouses are to wear surgical or cloth face coverings and may wear gloves in court and probation buildings if they so desire. Persons may also bring small plastic containers of hand sanitizer into court and probation buildings.


Juvenile Detentions

Chief Judge Order 20-08 - Regarding Juvenile Detentions during COVID-19 Operations

Jury reporting:

If you have been summoned for jury duty through JULY 31, 2020, DO NOT REPORT. Any trials through July 2020 have been or will be postponed.

You may contact the appropriate Jury Commissioner if you have any questions.

Victim Assistance
For Victim Assistance, Useful Public Service questions or if you are unable to reach your probation officer please contact probation reception in your location to reschedule your appointment at:

  • Walsenburg -   719-695-6554
  • Trinidad -   (719) 497-8268 

Collections and payments
Collections intake and meetings will be conducted via telephone until further notice.  You may complete an application for payment plan and email to collections. Payments may be made online at

Currently, the courts are not taking in person payments. You may pay online, send payment in the U.S. mail, place payment in a drop box in each courthouse lobby or, in limited situations, pay by phone via credit card.

Please contact the appropriate collections investigator to schedule appointments or set up payment plans:

Family Court Facilitator:

Meetings with the family court facilitator will be conducted via telephone until further notice.  Please contact Bob Major at or (719) 695-6569

Self-help center

• General Legal information
• Assisistance with court-forms
• Questions about getting ready for a virtual WebEx hearing
• Preparing for a hearing

We are available to assist self-represented litigants via email, telephone or video conference until further notice.  Please contact:
Huerfano County:    Kate Johnson   719-695-6555

Las Animas County: Susanne van der Meer 719- 497-8282

Pro se Court Filings:

The courts in the 3rd Judicial District will temporarily accept fax or email filings at (719) 738-1267 (Walsenburg) and (719) 497-8267 (Trinidad)  for parties without an attorney only.

The following sources should be frequently consulted to determine the most current information. If you have symptoms and think you have been exposed, call a health care provider.

  • Las Animas & Huerfano County Health Department:
    • If you have general questions about COVID-19, you can call CO HELP at 303-389-1687 or 1-877-462-2911. You can also email for answers in English and Spanish (Español), Mandarin (???), and more.


Transcripts and Audio Recording Requests


Picture of Huerfano County Courthouse
Huerfano County Courthouse
401 Main St.
Suite 304
Walsenburg, CO 81089

719-738-1267 (fax)

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Picture of Las Animas County Courthouse
Las Animas County Courthouse
200 E. 1st St.
Room 304
Trinidad, CO 81082

719-497-8267 (fax)

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OCTOBER 27, 2020

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PICTURES OF CONSTRUCTION IN PROGRESS: New Courthouse in Huerfano County.

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Huerfano County Court Civil Return Dates are held on Thursdays at 10:00 a.m.

Las Animas County Court Civil Return Dates are held on Monday thru Friday at 10:30 a.m.


Please note that both Las Animas County & Huerfano County do NOT accept fax filings.


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