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Home Courts By County Adams County Court Hearings and Jury Trials
Home Courts By County Adams County Court Hearings and Jury Trials
Court Hearings and Jury Trials
WebEx Livestream

General Advisement:

If you are a witness or have been summoned for any of the cases listed below, you must not enter the video link below unless you have the specific permission from the judge presiding over the hearing.

All hearings will be on the record. Except for the official court record, recording of any portion or the broadcasting is strictly prohibited unless authorized by the court.

Recordings, rebroadcasting, or still photography from this hearing is prohibited without a court order. This is an order of the court and failure to abide by the order subjects the offender to contempt proceedings. By viewing this broadcast, you are agreeing to abide by all court orders.

Date & Time of Hearing:  



 Case Information

          WebEx Link                 

Judge Warner

(Division L)                   

2021CR2782 - Roedema

2021CR2788 - Rosenblatt

2021CR2794 - Woodyard

2021CR2800 - Cooper

2021CR2806 - Cichuniec


(Password: 1234)

Court Order: 

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