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Purchasing & Vendors

Welcome to Purchasing

The mission of Purchasing is to maximize the effectiveness, efficiency and economy of Judicial Department funds in purchases, to provide responsive customer service, and to protect the Judicial Department through standardized policies and procedures.

The objectives of the purchasing department are to:

  1. Provide for effective, efficient and economical purchases statewide
  2. Procure goods and services at the lowest possible cost or best value to the Judicial Department
  3. Maintain integrity and transparency
  4. Establish a continuity of supply sources
  5. Establish key strategic partnerships which will maximize the Judicial Department’s buying power locally and nationally.
  6. Maintain high quality standards
  7. Avoid duplication of work
  8. Achieve harmonious, productive work relationships with other departments and suppliers.

The Purchasing Department uses three types of formal solicitations: (1) Request for Bid (2) Request for Proposal (3) and Request for Documented Quotes. These three instruments allow the Judicial Department to purchase goods and services that meet definitive specifications and quality standards. We are most interested in seeing that all Vendors have an opportunity to do business with the Colorado Judicial Department, thus strengthening and widening product and service choices while optimizing use of public funds.


Purchasing Department Contact Information

John C. Kane, Purchasing Manager

Cheryl O'Donnell, Purchasing Agent


For IT related purchases, contact the IT Purchasing Agent:

Kevin Briscoe

Natalie Piper, Financial Services Staff Assistant



As a separate branch of state government, the Judicial Branch is not bound by the Colorado Procurement Code (Section 24-101-101 et. seq., C.R.S.), and/or the associated State Procurement Rules.  Rather, the Branch operates under its own Purchasing Fiscal Rules, which can be found using the link to the right.  The purposes of these Rules are to:

  • Establish a set of policies, procedures, and guidelines the Judicial Branch will use to conduct its purchases.

  • Ensure the fair and equitable treatment of all persons who deal with the Branch’s purchasing system.

  • Maximize the use of the Branch's resources through fostering effective broad-based competition.

The Rules apply to expenditures of public funds by Colorado appellate, district, county, probate, and water courts; probation offices; and the State Court Administrator’s Office; and to those wishing to do business with the Branch.  Public funds include purchases funded in whole or in part with federal, state, local, and/or private grant moneys, except to the extent that the grantor’s requirements specify the purchasing rules and procedures to be followed.  The Judicial Branch’s Purchasing Fiscal Rules do not apply to the expenditure of public funds for construction services as defined by the Department of Personnel and Administration, State Buildings Division, or to the various independent offices established within the Branch that are not listed above.

The Judicial Branch utilizes Rocky Mountain Bidnet Electronic Bidding System to notify interested vendors of the Branch's intent to purchase goods or services competitively.  Vendors must be registered in order to respond to these bidding opportunities.  For additional information and to register visit Rocky Mountain Bidnet


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