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Home Administration Financial Services Purchasing & Vendors Outpatient Services Request for Qualifications
Outpatient Services Request for Qualifications

Colorado Judicial Department


Outpatient Services Request for Qualifications

This page will provide information regarding a Judicial Department Statewide Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for outpatient Services.  You received an email with a link to this page because at least one Judicial District would like to work with your company for outpatient services in the future.  This solicitation will be issued multiple times.  Each iteration of the solicitation will focus on specific Districts.  The solicitation will be re-issued until awards have been made for all Districts. 

All current contracts in existence, will be replaced with the contracts that are a result of this RFQ process. 

The second iteration of this solicitation will be published in December, 2023 and is scheduled to February 2024.  For specific dates and times please refer to bidnet

This page includes:

  • A description of the types of services included as Outpatient Services.
  • A link to the Judicial Department Electronic Bidding System.
  • Instructions on how to view the RFQ, ask clarifying questions and submit a response.
  • An FAQ of questions regarding the solicitation and contract process.
  • A list of vendors awarded contracts as a result of this solicitation.


Services Included in the Outpatient Services Request for Qualifications:

The services listed below are not meant to be all inclusive and instead provide a minimum list of the services the Judicial Departments seeks as a part of the RFQ process.  If your company offers additional Services, please respond to the RFQ and include those services in the response.

  1. DV 
    1. Evaluation 
    2. Treatment 
    3. Group Treatment 
    4. Domestic Violence including for individuals identifying as LGBTQI+ 
    5. Other Related Services 
  2. Mental Health 
    1. Anger Management 
    2. DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy)/Emotional Regulation 
    3. Co-occurring 
    4. Grief and Loss 
    5. Family Counseling 
    6. Parenting 
    7. Trauma including Brain spotting and EMDR 
    8. Other related services 
  3. Substance 
    1. Outpatient 
    2. EOP 
    3. IOP Intensive Outpatient Treatment 
    4. DUI 
    5. DUI Level II Education and Therapy 
    6. DUI Level 4+/Felony DUI 
    7. Cognitive Restructuring Groups 
    8. Substance Abuse Cognitive Restructuring 
    9. Other Related Services 
  4. Specialized Treatment (Special Needs) 
    1. Petty Theft 
    2. Life skills 
    3. Cognitive Restructuring 
    4. MRT (Moral Reconation Therapy) 
    5. Animal Therapy 
    6. Boundaries 
    7. Other related services 
  5. Relationships 
  6. Other Services offered by the provider


Services not included as a part of this solicitation:

The services listed below are examples of services that are not included as a part of this solicitation.

  1. Residential treatment
  2. In patient treatment
  3. Short term Housing
  4. Sober living
  5. Court ordered parenting classes
  6. Polygraph Services
  7. UA Laboratory Services
  8. Stand-alone UA services (Though UA collection may be included as part of other services)
  9. Sex offender evaluation and treatment
  10. Peer Mentoring Services


Colorado Judicial Department Electronic Bidding System:

All open and closed solicitations from the Colorado Judicial Department are posted to the Electronic Bidding System.  Interested vendors may register for the system free of charge.  The free service includes reviewing the solicitation, submitting questions, and responding to solicitations.  The system also offers upgrade options that vendors may choose but are not required to select. 

It is the vendor’s responsibility to:

  1. Ensure that they view and reply to the most complete and current version of the solicitation.  Please check for amendments regularly during the Request For Qualifications (RFQ) process.
  2. Ensure that they are familiar with and accept the Judicial Department’s Terms and Conditions.
  3. Maintain up to date and accurate contact information within the Electronic Bidding System.
  4. Ensure that responses are submitted in a timely manner.


Visit the Rocky Mountain Bidnet Direct website register, view and reply to the solicitation


Electronic Bidding System Instructions:

                Please follow the links provided below for step-by-step guides on how to register, view and download solicitations, submit questions and submit responses to solicitations. (Links to step guides will be provided)

  1. Registering for the electronic bidding system (Please note, if you’re already registered, you do NOT need to register again, simply login with your user ID and password)
  2. View and download Solicitations
  3. Submitting Questions
  4. Submitting a Response
  5. Add information about contacting purchasing if there are questions.


Awards Resulting from the Outpatient Services RFQ  Phase I

 Download the full report of Phase 1 Awarded vendors (pdf)

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