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Home Administration Court Services Office of Dispute Resolution El Paso & Teller Counties
Home Administration Court Services Office of Dispute Resolution El Paso & Teller Counties
El Paso & Teller Counties

Office of Dispute Resolution  Colorado Springs - Colorado
El Paso & Teller Counties (JD4)

 4th Judicial Mediation Office Scheduling Instructions

Request for Mediation in a Domestic Case at the 4th Judicial Mediation Office

Solicitud para recibir servicios de mediación en una causa de relaciones de lo familiar en la Oficina de
Mediación del 4º. Distrito Judicial


Form 300A (Blanket Order to Mediation in Domestic Cases) to be sent to the other party in Domestic Cases

 Request for Mediation in a Civil Case at the 4th Judicial Mediation Office

Definitions of Services Provided

Frequently Asked Questions

4th JD Request to Reduce Payment for ODR Services

4th JD Request to Reduce ODR Fee with Instructions - Bilingual (Spanish)

The Fourth Judicial District Office of Dispute Resolution is a court-associated alternative dispute resolution program providing experienced, quality services to parties engaged in litigation. The office is affiliated with the state Office of Dispute Resolution in Denver but is also independently responsible for designing programs and contracting with mediators that fit the specific needs and have the confidence of the local courts. The office was created to serve the judiciary and the citizens of El Paso and Teller County but is also a resource to other agencies and courts in the district. The office receives its authority from the Colorado legislature through The Dispute Resolution Act, 13-22­301,et seq, Colorado Revised Statutes.

The Office of Dispute Resolution ("The Mediation Office" or "ODR") is a full service provider offering mediation, mediation-arbritration, arbitration, and settlement conferences by seasoned mediators and arbiters. The mediators and arbiters have many years of experience and training and handle complex county and district civil, divorce, dependency and neglect (juvenile), child custody cases, criminal and probate cases.

The ODR is located in a suite of offices and conference rooms in the basement of the El Paso County Judicial Building.  The earliest mediation appointment is 8 a.m.; the latest is 3:30 p.m. Most mediations are two hours long.

ODR information in the 4th Judicial District

Mediator BIOS

M. Carpenter


R. Hernandez-Flores (Spanish speaker)

J. James

J. Knies

L. Koehler

M. Maday

P. Martin

B. Weiner




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