Administrative Orders

1990-09 Fund for Jury Reimbursement

1992-05 Audit Process

1992 Water Bench Bar Committee

1993-04 Disqualifications in County Court

1998-03 Appointment of Clerk of Court of Garfield County

1998-07 Security Searches

2000-07 Confidentiality of Pre-Sentence Reports

2001-05 Case Management for Criminal Offenders with Substance Absue of Mental Health Disorder

2001-06 Approved Special Advocates

2001-08 Water Court Clerk

2002-02 Removal of Library Books

2003-05 Offsetting Credit Card Charges

2004-05 Juvenile Cases in Garfield County

2004-09 Registrar of Probate

2005-05 Domestic Relations Cases

2005-06 Public Access to Records

2005-07 Court Reporters, Transcripts, Tapes

2008-01 Assignment of Cases

2008-02 First Reassignment of Existing Cases

2008-03 Assignment of County Court Cases

2008-04 Second Reassignment of Existing Cases

2009-01 Parenting Through Divorce Class

2009-02 Assignment of Cases

2009-03 Appointment of Public and Deputy Administrator

2010-01 Juvenile Intake Protocol

2010-02 Reassignment of Existing Cases Set for Trial

2010-03 Mandatory E-filing

2013-06 Assignment of Cases

2013-10 Bond Schedule

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