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 AVAILABLE April 17, 2014


Opinions for cases listed on this document are subject to modification or withdrawal at the discretion of the court.


U N P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N S


10CA1451 People v. Marc Thomas Sylvester

10CA1873 People v. Brandon Buderus

11CA0457 People v. Dean Carbajal

11CA1374 People v. Jason Lee Stroud

12CA0122 People v. Zachery Marco Montoya

12CA0463 People v. Duane Eric Nicholas

12CA0633 People v. Brandon M. McKay

12CA0842 People v. Jeremy Daniel Anderson

12CA0894 People v. Curtis Eugene Lewis

12CA0895 People v. Curtis Eugene Lewis

12CA1174 People v. Michael Tapia

12CA1224 People v. Eldridge Lee Griffin

12CA1995 Marriage of Van Loan

13CA0068 People v. Eric Scott Curry

13CA0312 People v. Asres Fikre Tolossa

13CA0571 People v. Christian Alfonso Nava-Hernandez

13CA0679 People v. Federico Valles

13CA0701 People v. Jeffery David King

13CA0874 Marriage of Singleton

13CA0894 Cliff Douglas v. Joe I. Serhan

13CA1094 People v. Richard S. Jones

13CA1233 People In Interest of E.B.C.

13CA1840 People In Interest of S.L. and O.B., Children

13CA2178 Robert E. Goodson v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office

13CA2260 Jerusalem Restaurant v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office

14CA0162 People In Interest of Dennis Merrell


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