Mark A MacDonnell - 16th Judicial District Chief Judge


Judge Mark A. MacDonnell was appointed to the District Court bench and Chief Judge of the Sixteenth Judicial District on February 3, 2013. 
Judge MacDonnell earned his undergraduate degree from Adams State College and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Colorado. In 1993 he was appointed to the Bent County bench as a 45% judge and maintained a busy private practice, specializing in local government representation. He served as the Bent and Crowley County Attorney and  represented the Bent, Crowley and Prowers County’s Department of Social Services; the City of Las Animas; and several Special Districts. 
The Sixteenth Judicial District covers the Colorado counties of Bent, Crowley and Otero. As a multi-county district, the District Judges must hold court in each of the three counties in the district. Judge MacDonnell sits for at least a portion of one day per week in Bent and Crowley Counties. As the Chief Judge, Judge MacDonnell performs administrative duties overseeing court administration within the District. These administrative duties are in addition to his primary duties as a trial judge. As a District Judge, Judge MacDonnell hears felony criminal, domestic relations (including Dependency and Neglect cases), probate, mental health and civil cases.

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